July Board Mtg on July 17, 2017. 7:00pm.

Attendance: Ray, Kaitlyn, Christy (via phone)

Apologies: Nerissa

Meeting open at 7:05pm


From Christy:

Accountant was in last week. Taxes were under $2,000.


$6k in Quickbooks

Accountant possibly wrote checks and they might not be in Quickbooks yet.

$2k savings

Friday has been slow. Between $300-600.

Sat/Sun between $800-$1200.

See this pattern in the summer, July/Aug.

Go up Sept/Oct.

KVN asked if customers are asking for evening hours. Christy said in past Thursday were requested, but sales $ did not cover a staffer to work then.

West Seattle Location:

Talked to Christy about having pick-up point at KVN's house in West Seattle. Write out boundaries for people to come to our house. Pick-up available. Put in newsletter. Sunday July 23rd 2017. Set up drop off point. Start west seattle pick up in August.

Ray Class Schedule: Teaching Urban Ag class. Monday 4-6:30pm. T/Th.

Ray: If sales are slow, how do we move? Back to non-profit deal. Then drop dividend.

KVN: Did we notice a decline b/c all events last summer.

Outreach Ideas:

Rainier Beach Parade. No go this year.

Worm farm?

Bring people in? Vege swap and BBQ. Aug 13th or 27th.

Natalia backed off the board.

Johanna is manager as food hub. Is Rainier Beach Farm open?

Alex W. worm farm guy. Christy to email and ask him if he is avail either of those dates as offering.

Chickens are laying class

What to plant for winter. Winterize your garden.

Jaming demo.

Christy would like to find other people to give the talks, not just her.

Christy will get the Aug Party in motion.

Christy has requests for shift logs. Approve budget to fix things.

1. Red hand cart, blew out a wheel. Needs to be replaced. Estimated $20.

2. Yellow cart, needs to be evaluated. Are the tires flat? Yes, need to be pumped up. Pump them up first, then see if all need to be replaced. Ray thinks they have inner tubes, they may need to be replaced. Vote yes.

3. Quickbooks provided card reader. Higher interest charge to input. Vote yes to order a new one. P.S. It is one staff member that is having this problem, Kathy. she needs to be trained. Christy may schedule some time to train Kathy. $60 for a new reader, it has a chip reader.

Staff inventory day. Need to do with three staffers, but it will be 'cleaner' than having volunteers. Christy would like to do it in August with a staff day. Estimated 4 hours each.

Ray, if we have inventory that we can't sell. Ex; veterinary for cattle. Can be a write off. KVN, can we sell off what we don't want at cost first before donating?

How can we put our inventory online? Christy has tried in the past. Is very hard to do. Future, have paid already.

Christy. Shelves need to be build so we can have to go orders filled. Locker outside so they could pick-up at their leisure. September project.

Meeting close at 8:15 pm.