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This page provides a centralized location for folks in the SDT to share resources related to teaching. Some ideas for resources to share include: documents, example syllabi, textbooks, reading lists/articles, class activities.

Instructions for contributors:

First, add your shared resource into this folder. Then, provide some context or explanation of what you are sharing by suggesting edits to this document, and a link to the resource. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Shared resources and information below:

Moral Education for Social Justice (Amazon link)

Contributors: Larry Nucci and Robyn Ilten-Gee

We have a new book "Moral Education for Social Justice" published by Teachers College Press that will be available for your courses this Fall.  The first section of the book provides an accessible up-to-date comprehensive overview of domain theory. Subsequent sections address issues of school culture for moral growth and social justice, and the intersection of a domain based approach to moral education (DBME) with critical pedagogy.

Beginner Guide to Social Domain Theory

Contributor: Clare Conry-Murray

Here is an introductory blog post explaining some of the background and key ideas in Social Domain Theory.