Welcome to the LYHME Rules,

Please be sure to check back often for updates.

Definitions | Actions




Two or more members.


20 items.


Routes on a spherical axis.

Example: Metal Plate or Wood Pipe.

Staff: If it is recognized under the freefrom filter via our wreck feature.

Community Wide (Any Games we Host / Our Discord)




Respect others as you would like to be respected.


Spamming text or voice chats in an abusive manner.


The intention to confuse or mislead others.

Filter Bypass

Bypassing our built-in chat filter.

Vulgar Language

The use of swearing, cursing, racism or sexual via text or voice.

Rudeness, Bullying, & Harassment

Being hostile to others opinions or picking on a player intentionally.


Threatening someone intentionally to scare them or to cause harm.


Hacked or modified clients, item duping,  scripting, bots or abuse of anything that can be exploited.

Punishment Bypass

Attempting to bypass punishment.


Acting as another player or staff member.


You are allowed to advertise your Youtube, Twitch or other streaming platforms IF it is related to our community. This includes chat, voice-chat, and signs.

Sexual & Racism Content

This includes inappropriate profile pictures, usernames, nicknames, linked accounts, statues, or buildable.

Real World Money Trading

Trading items or a service for exchange for real life money.

NSFW Content / Malicious Links

Uploaded content, & links that lead to disturbing porn sites or may lead to IP loggers, you can view if a link is safe or not by using: 

DoS/DDoS Threats or Doxing

Threatening a player with DoS or DDoS Attack or releasing private information.

Glitching or Abusing Bugs

Depending on the bug, will determine the length of your ban.


Accusing another player of hacking in chat.

Please report hackers via our discord.


Not the place, do not discuss them here.

Role Playing

Roleplaying is allowed but not in the following ways:

Sexual talk or actions.

Religious Respect

Please be respectful towards others about their religion.

This includes not but not limited to the use of God and Jesus names in a disrespectful manner.


Activity trying to get someone to break the rules.


Direct Messaging unsolicited links or messages to members.

Drug Talk

You are not allowed to talk about drugs.


Before recording a video, streaming, or audio please let players know and get their consent.

Use of Caps

This is a tricky topic, you can use caps but not in all messages.
Meaning, if you recently died and let's say you send the message
NOOOOO that is okay.

But if you are doing it excessively on purpose with no reason then you will be warned.

Discord Server



Bot Commands

Only execute bot commands inside #botusage or other dedicated bot text-channels.

Seeking Help

Please open a ticket via our #help text-channel by reacting on the corresponding emote to the issue that you are having.


The use of user / self bots is not allowed in any circumstances.


If a staff or member has one of the following:
DM Open - You may DM him or her at any time.
DM Ask or DM Close - Please ask before proceeding.
If they do not have any of these roles above, please ask before DMing.


Please mention staff or members in moderation.


The following is not permitted:
Zalgo, Blank Names, Unusual Unicode, Political Views, Attention Seeking Names,

Overly Lengthy Usernames or Any Other Offensive Material.

Text To Speech Bot

When multiple people are using the bot please add -yourName at the end of your message.

Unturned Servers



TPA Killing

The use of TPA to intentionally kill a player.

Spawn Killing

Killing a player when they first spawn.


Egg Locations

Building your base at an easter egg location.

NPC Abusing

Buying items from an NPC or node and then later selling to gain Citrus.

Mass Suicide

Repetivate use of the suicide button to either troll or spawn at a new location.

Note: If you are wanting to go to a certain location, ask in chat if someone is near there or is and just TPA to them.




Sky Bases

Building in the sky.

Over Claiming

Claiming more than what covers your base.


Attempt to raid a base or intentionally place items to block someone. This also includes Using freeform plates or other buildable objects to get to someone's base.


Stealing a vehicle or items which do not belong to you.

Horde Beacons

Building a base inside a loot location for the sake of doing a horde.

Please remove it after its completed.

Vehicle Building

4 crates max.

2 planters max.

1 generator max.

10 barbed wire max.

4 light sources max.

10 freeform buildables max.

No large buildables on top of vehicles, example: windmill, plots

Note: The freeform rule may become nulled if you are building your own vehicle using a makeshift vehicle.

Note 2: When a map change is announced and planned this rule for freeform buildables may be avoided 7 days past the map change, but please use it at your own risk as the garage feature is not perfect.

Building Inside Loot Spawns / Towns

Requires staff approval and wooden doors.

Randomly Placed Items

Placing items and then later disregarding them.

Such as: randomly placed plates, beds, horde bases that aren't approved.

Building (PvE, PvP or Both)




Recreating ritual(s), crucifiction(s) or violent image(s) are prohibited

Bases / Flags / Signs

That contains hate speech/symbols, terrorism, or inappropriate is prohbited

The Yellow Brick Road

(Applies to PvE/PvP)

Building pathways across the sky on the map.

(Applies to PvE)

Building your base at a airdrops, loot drops, roads and waterway

locations are prohibited.

Bases must be at least 50m away from anywhere that spawns loot

(ex: towns, military bases, Scorpion-7, etc.).

You can use the point gesture to find out how far you are away.

It is on by default, but you can do /distance on or off

(Applies to PvE)

You can build a base underwater or above that is floating on the water.

We also ask if you can build your base a distance away from someone else (50m)

But if you would like to build near another player you need to get their permission prior.

You can use the point gesture to find out how far you are away.

It is on by default, but you can do /distance on or off

(Applies to PvE)

If you are solo or already in a group you can only own one base.

(Applies to PvE)

Excessive amounts of buildables, and traps are prohibited.

Horde Beacons

(Applies to PvE)

Building a base inside a loot location for the sake of doing a horde.

Please remove it after its completed.


(Applies to PvE)

20 fences placed per base max.

2 claim flags placed per base max.

5 pumpjacks placed per base max.

1 generator placed per base max.

20 chicken crops placed per base max.

2 water wells placed per base max.

5 water barrels placed per base max.

4 light sources placed per 8 cubes.

2 fuel tanks placed per base max. (Includes Any type)

2 water tanks placed per base max. (Includes Any type)

10 freeform buildables placed per base max.

Please use solid crops in moderation.


(Applies to PvE)

If buildables are found out of place:
3-6 buildables you will be banned for 20 hours.
7-15 buildables you will be banned for 1 day.

16-24 buildables you will be banned for 3 days.

25+ buildables you will be banned for 7 days.

If this is found to be a repeated offence, ban times will be doubled each time.

Base Requirements (PvE)




1x Claim Flag

1x Bedroll or Cot

1x Metal Door or Vault Door

1x Metal Sign, Placard or something similar

Please place the sign in front of your house near the front door
that is obvious, not hidden or covered

Containing your and all group members names if applicant.

The claim flag must be placed in your base, or no more than 5m from your base.

The bed(s) must also be placed on the structure of your base.

You can do /kit needs to receive these items mentioned above.

Size Limits

Must be at or under:

Solo Member: 8 cubes

Two Members: 16 cubes

Three Members: 24 cubes:

Four and Beyond Members: 32 cubes

Sidenote: Triangle roofs and floors count as ½ of a cube.

Ban Appeals



1 Second - 7 Days

If you were banned for less than or equal to 7 days 
you may not appeal your ban, unless staff member is found to be at fault.

7 Days - Beyond

If you were banned for greater than 7 days 
you may attempt to appeal your ban.

Reporting Rewards





If a player is using cheats on our servers.

25,000 Citrus

Glitched Buildables

Located a base inside the map.

15,000 Citrus

Game Breaking Bug

Something that can be abused.

50,000 Citrus

Credit to Mineplex for the formatting, etc.