#312 - The Angry Chicken: “Hunterace in the Hole”


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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!


HCT World Championship 2019

Hunterace wins 3-2 over Viper

  1. Hunterace - $250k
  2. Viper - $150k
  3. Bunnyhoppor - $100k
  4. Jing - $100k


BlizzCon is indeed happening


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Hunterace’s Control Shaman

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Game Play


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Greetings galled Gallus gallus!

I've been thoroughly enjoying the new Conjurer Mage archetype and was inspired by Dills' tech choices of Wild Pyromancer / Banana Buffoon for combating the plague of token decks on the ladder. I made a few alterations to my own deck and before long I queue into a Warlock and prepare to put the deck through its paces!

For the first few turns the deck performs beautifully as I curve BB into WP and clear two consecutive boards. Unfortunately with my Mountain Giant now being too expensive to play, I'm unable to swing the board and instead spend the next few turns fighting for control until my opponent realises that one-drops aren't getting the job done and plays Arch-Villain Rafaam.

Despite still not having drawn Conjurer's Calling, I feel confident enough to finally play an 8 mana Mountain Giant after killing Rafaam. However my opponent then responds with Princess Talanji, spewing his entire hand of Toki, Lady in White, Archivist Elysiana and Prince Liam onto the board!

With my giant staring down a collective 29/27 in stats, I struggle to think of a way out. I trade the giant into Elysiana and dump as many minions onto the board as I can with the hope of softening the remaining minions enough for a Flamestrike next turn. The RNG gods feel differently though as my opponent topdecks Barista Lynchen, copying his entire board (including another Talanji) back into his hand! With a huge tempo and card advantage but only 15 health, he value trades away my board to ensure I can't burst him down with any Kalecgos shenanigans.

Despite the futility, I ping Lynchen and Flamestrike away his board only to be greeted by Talanji and her cronies again the next turn. However, the fickle gods of RNG are not done yet! I topdeck Power of Creation and with Khadgar already in hand, I throw a Hail Mary. I play Khadgar and then Power of Creation, pleasing the gods enough to offer me Argent Commander! 4 of them are summoned and burst down my opponent for 16 damage as I laugh at the absurdity of it all.

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TheDruidDante (Discord)

Would it be worth it to go back and buy wings of adventures you never completed just for the dust from the cards?

Eric D

Ragnaros was an iconic character, and neutral legend, that fit into a lot of decks. When he was rotated, he was almost instantly replaced by the Lich King. Same mana, same stat line, iconic WOW character.  

Now that Lich King is rotating, what WOW character is worthy of taking that juicy 8-Drop slot?


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