3.3.1802.1510 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:


Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known issues and limitations

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list here.

3.1.1708.2943 -> 3.3.1802.1510

Features and improvements

- XGC-4586 - Upload log files (for debugging purposes, simply click on Helo <Username> dropdown menu -> Upload Log Files)

- XGC-4582 - Set Twitter character limit to 280 characters

- XGC-4566 - Mixer chat

- XGC-4542 - Mixer follower and subscriber alert

- XGC-4502 - Improved IME support (add Bopomofo - Chinese Phonetic input)

- XGC-4495 - Add icon or button to clear chat

- XGC-4319 - Display Twitch cheers bit emotes in Twitch chat

- XGC-4287 - Twitch Cheers alert

- XGC-3976 - Add option to save separate audio tracks for mic and system audio


- XGC-4616 - Update ASUS GPU Tweak integration (may cause intermittent crash)

- XGC-4615 - Possible GPU process crash on startup (may cause UI to become black)

- XGC-4612 - Chat panel links does not fit to screen when panel size is set to small

- XGC-4611 - Hotkeys can be triggered while typing in the URL widget opacity slider

- XGC-4610 - Mismatched streamer color on chat

- XGC-4609 - Widget opacity reverts to default when overlay is deactivated

 - XGC-4608 - Twitch Cheer Alert widget may fail to display cheer alerts

- XGC-4602 - Account binding on chat panel does not update when another account is used in the same stream service

- XGC-4600 - Streamer mismatch on Facebook chat when streaming to a page

- XGC-4599 - Language key displayed on Mixer chat tooltip

- XGC-4598 - Missing 0 on the custom url and image overlay opacity slider value

- XGC-4597 - Custom URL widget opacity reverts to default when URL is changed

- XGC-4596 - Deleting one tag in YouTube broadcast stream deletes all tag

- XGC-4593 - Chatbox may get stuck in "connecting" status

- XGC-4592 - Notification Widget visibility level is ignored

- XGC-4591 - Dailymotion: "invalid_client This 'client_id' doesn't exist." shows in the auth window

- XGC-4576 - Facebook Live Chat: possible issue when sending messages

- XGC-4573 - Incorrect chat opacity slider position when reloading the overlay

- XGC-4572 - Unable to open screenshot in Photoshop

- XGC-4561 - Social network username displayed in BRB graphics may be trimmed

- XGC-4559 - Player.me OAuth closes if authenticating via Youtube or Twitch on the accounts tab

- XGC-4555 - Facebook Live date picker does not appear again after unless coming back from another control

- XGC-4554 - The current date on the Facebook Live date picker is hardly visible

- XGC-4553 - Custom Widget URL border is displayed above the Image Overlay

- XGC-4552 - Camera preview disappears after enabling chat on the overlay

- XGC-4549 - Stray dropdown button on the Share Screenshot dialog

- XGC-4539 - Facebook Live: "#200 Permissions error" when creating new scheduled live video

- XVE-371 - Severe artifacts when playing back an exported file when Shadowplay encoded file is used as source

* Pending verification

Known Issues

Please reference Known Limitations section for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.




- XGC-3979 - Mouse/keyboard inputs are detected by the game while capturing UWP applications even if overlay is active


- XGC-4617 - Annotation input lag (and other overlay element movement lag) - most noticeable when CPU/GPU usage is very high

- XGC-4601 - Facebook Live: Pre-broadcast dialog takes a while to appear when starting a stream to an FB account with many pages

- XGC-4577 - Any movable application window may freeze when dragged after gaining focus

- XGC-4048(WF) - Unable to stream to a new event on YouTube Live while embed is allowed

        - This is for accounts which has “Embed Live Streams” (see account features) disabled, if this is the case don’t check “Allow Embed” option. YouTube API does not provide info about this user feature so this must be done manually.

- XGC-4011 - Twitch Chat : Moderators are displayed as normal viewers

- XGC-3957 - Overlay cursor does not update correctly when capturing some UWP application/game (Minecraft Windows 10 Beta , Hill Climb Racing)

- XGC-3854 - Noise suppression doesn't always work in "suppressing background noise", and can also result in sounding robotic

- XGC-3762 - Cursor movements are still captured by the game when overlay is active - Overwatch

- XGC-3625 - Application executes before the Intel RSSDK installation finishes on update

- XGC-3582 - Overlay is not centered in game - Spooky's House of Jump Scares (Steam)

- XGC-3578 - May not be able restore application after minimizing while in Tablet mode

- XGC-3533 - Unable to properly interact with overlay controls and elements when game is running on Admin Mode

- XGC-3349(WF) - Unable to use Yuan PD5A0 (camera is not available) on Windows 10 (Issue already reported to Yuan)

- XGC-3079 - Unable to properly control overlay cursor behavior in game - SkyForge

- XGC-2942(RJ) - In-Game keys still work when overlay is active - Terraria

- XGC-2769(RJ) - Overlay (without capture) can make some games stutter on SLI

- XGC-2561(WF) - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419(WF) - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording

- CPPCORE-1184 - Game FPS drops by more than 50% when DX 12 game is added as source - Forza

- CPPCORE-1150 - Capturing with "Rise of the Tomb Raider" on DX12 results in DXGI error (AMD Crossfire issue - reported to AMD)

- CPPCORE-1098 - Intel Quick Sync bandwidth usage goes beyond set bitrate

- CPPCORE-968(WF) - Unable to use application when exe path contains semicolon

- XVE-331 - Video editor can appear truncated in the upper left corner if VOD manager is closed before it opens

- XVE-330 - Express Video editor skips frames and may play incorrect frame timeline when adding multiple videos one after another finishes playing






(WF) - Won’t Fix

(RJ) - Rejected

Known limitations:

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