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Chair: David Linnerth, Southwood SS (Seasonal Committee)

Chair Elect: Thomas Hope Huron Heights SS (Seasonal Committee)

Past Chair: Shawn Weatherdon, Eastwood C.I. (Seasonal Committee)

WRDSB Representative: Bill Lemon, Board Office (Seasonal Committee)

Secretary: Candy Adam, Huron Heights SS

Treasurer: Ben Crane, Grand River CI

Principal Representative: Jim Woolley, Board Office

Vice Principal Representative:

P.H.E. Representative: Scott Tupling, Southwood SS

CWOSSA Representative: Jennifer Armatage, Kitchener-Waterloo C&VS

Chair of Scheduling: Scott McCulloch, Board Office (Seasonal Committee)

Chair of Procedures: Josh Windsor, Grand River CI (Seasonal Committee)

Chair of Rules and Regulations: Laurie Baulcomb

Chair of Championship Committee: David Thompson, Kitchener-Waterloo C&VS

Chair of Publicity: Michael Matura, Grand River CI

Co-Chair of Student Assistance Fund: Shannon Walker, Bluevale C.I.

Co-Chair of Student Assistance Fund: David Thompson, Kitchener-Waterloo C&VS