Dear Parents,

        I think we communicate really well when it comes to my grades and education related things. Both you and I are always on top of my academic life. My schoolwork is always completed and I have good grades thanks to your guys’ support.

        However, our communication could be improved when it comes to my personal problems. When I tell you an issue I’m having, it’s because I want comfort and someone to just listen to me. When you get mad at me and tell me how the problem is my own fault, it’s very bad for my mental health and doesn’t make me want to come back to you with my future problems.

        I think we should set some goals so our communication can be more efficient. I think you should try to be there to listen to me and comfort me rather than getting angry with me. I’ll try to be less irritable when it comes to you scolding me, even if it’s positive.

                                        Sincerely yours,