Colorado Division of Water Resources
How to Get Structure Diversion Records
from Colorado’s Decision Support Systems

DWR Diversion Records are available from CDSS as comma separated value (CSV) files, PDF documents, and via RESTful web services.  This document describes the available content.

The DWR Web services provide Structure and Diversion Record data programmatically, without the manual search described below.

Go to the CDSS Dashboard at, directly or from  or  (now

Click the Structures button, or from the site menu.

Structure Search Page

Enter desired search criteria and click ‘Search’.

Note that selected criteria are additive, they are queried together as SQL ‘AND’ statements.

Results display as a Table and a Map.  You can filter, sort, and customize the table by clicking the three dots at each column header.  These table settings can be saved if you are logged in.

The 'Export' option on the Search menu delivers a CSV file of search results (Structure list and metadata).

Click ‘View’ beside the Structure of interest in the table, or from the map.

The selected Structure’s Details page opens in a new tab.

Structure Details Page - Structure Overview Tab

Note the web address URL ends with the Structure WDID, so you can type in a WDID to jump to its Structure Details page.

The ‘Report’ option on the Structure Details page menu provides a Structure Summary doc PDF.

Click the ‘Diversion Records’ tab.

Structure Details Page - Diversion Records Tab

Diversion records are provided for available time steps as Structure Totals and by Water Class.
For export products, see the 'Diversion Records' panel beneath Search.

To view data, set desired criteria and click ‘Search’. Use Shift and Ctrl to select multiple records to Search.

Results are returned as a Table and Graph. The 'CSV' button above the table provides a simple export.

To view daily diversion records: