Tuesday, May 23, 2018

Present:  Diane Melbye, Paula Martin, Rita Ennen, April Frank, Carol T. Kuether, and guest Linda Carlson.

Minutes:    The minutes were approved after a grammatical correction was made, (the insertion of “and” between the words “nonperishables”/ “possibly fruit”).

Approval of Expenditures:    The expenditure report was current as of May 22th.   After review and discussion, motion carried to approve the Expenditure report.

Financial Report:   The report was reviewed and explanations of the expenses discussed.

Director’s Report:  Currently we are only short one part-time position.  Rita presented the June/July Events Calendar.  The new addition of the “Film Society” presentation was described.  Attendance at events is expected to be in higher numbers compared to last year.

Unfinished Business:  

Strategic Planning - Rita has compiled a concise, informative and colorful “Strategic Plan” for the Dickinson Area Public Library. It was reviewed with a motion and second to accept.  The motion passed.  

ARC property – all processes are in place, we should see removal of the building by the end of the summer.

Building Committee – The committee is to the point where they are waiting for the City Commission to approve the architect contract.

Backpack program partnership – The backpack day will also be the day of the “free pizza” luncheon. The pizza is for everyone up to the age of eighteen.  Library staffer Mark and a volunteer will oversee the pizza luncheon.  

North Side Landscaping – The tables, chairs and benches are to be ordered.  There also will be planters of flowers to make the sitting area even more attractive.

New Business:

Summer Reading Program - Everything is ready and in place for the Program.  The “Kickoff Carnival” will be held on June 3, 1:00pm – 4:00pm.  Great prizes have been donated to be awarded at the conclusion of the program.

Citizen Letter – A letter addressed to the Library Board was read by the Board.  A response will be sent compiled by the Board president, Paula Martin.  

Agenda completed  -- Meeting adjourned.