2018 Kohl Teacher Fellowship Program

Scoring Guide

I.        Experience in the Educational Profession/Professional Preparation

        Do not score these sections of the application.  They are for informational purposes only and, as such, may be evaluated as part of the overall "package."

II.        Essay Questions (maximum = 72 points)

        Rate the applicant's responses to each of the six essay questions, based on the thoroughness of the response (0-4 points), the uniqueness of activities or programs described in each response (0-4 points), and the quality (for example, organization, spelling and grammar, and/or clarity) of the response (0-4 points).  Each essay response can earn up to 12 points.

III.        Letters of Recommendation (maximum = 18 points)

        Applicants were given the following instructions:

        "Each nominee must submit three letters of recommendation; one must come from outside the immediate school community. They may not be currently employed by the school district or a board member. They may include former students, parents, community members, colleagues in a professional association not directly linked to their school or district, or a university or college professor.  Such letters should enhance the nominee's application by illustrating specific examples of the teacher's skills and contributions, knowledge, or attributes emphasized in the application materials."

        Rate each of the three letters separately on (1) if specific examples were cited and (2) the level of support they demonstrate for the applicant's essays.

IV.        Overall Application (maximum = 10 points)

        On a scale of 1-10, rate the overall quality of the applicant’s "package," with 10 being of the highest quality.  Also consider the extent to which the total “picture” of the applicant matches the purpose and criteria of the Kohl Teacher Fellowship program.