Democratic Socialists of America Fort Collins


All participants will agree to the following:

  1. Begin each meeting within 10 minutes of scheduled start time
  2. Be prepared for the meeting.
  3. Request items to be added to the agenda prior to the meeting.
  4. Refrain from speaking over others, speak when it is your turn (as indicated by the Facilitator).
  5. Only address what is pertinent to the current item being discussed.
  6. Use open frame to address other issues not on agenda.
  7. Adhere to groups decisions.
  8. Participants who are late to the meeting will be asked to stay on the current item being discussed.
  9. Open frame at the end of the meeting may be used to recap discussion items that late attendees missed.

Not following the above protocols may result in:

  1. Loss of privilege to address the group at current meeting.
  2. Possible temporary leave from General Meetings as decided on by attendees.