Ignacio Elementary School


Friday, October 18,  2019

  1. Good Morning Ignacio Elementary
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Lunch Menu

Pork Tamales

Spanish Rice

Seasoned Corn

             Fruit Choices


  1. Today is Bobcat Spirit Day! We look forward to seeing all of you dressed in your bobcat attire.
  2. Kindergarten will be leaving at 10:00 for their field trip. Have fun at the Pumpkin Patch!
  3. Today, weather permitting, we will all be walking down the hill for the homecoming parade.
  4. Teachers please send a list of names to the cafeteria today. Michell is out and Kim is taking over. Kim does not know the names of each student. You can either send me a list of each of your hot lunch eaters this morning or just give it to Kim when  you get to lunch.

Happy Birthday:

            Audrey Toppin

            Addison Quintana and Forrest Vega on Sunday

Quote of the day is: