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The Library: Explorers of Wit
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The Library Presents...

Thanks Sunfished for the fantastic artwork!

☙ What is Explorers of Wit?

Explorers of Wit is a biweekly rpg session normally lasting between 2-3 hours. The activity itself is based on the popular tabletop rpg Dungeons & Dragons, using 5e rules. A session will be led by a host who explains the plot of the current adventure and the players will react in their own way until the conflict is settled in the adventure. Any user may join, and in the end, participants in the activity receive a share of 50 quills each which can be used in Kobold Librarian’s  ;shop !

☙ How do I join a session?

On the day of every session, the host will announce the session and ask all wanting participants to pm them to decide who will join. Please keep in mind that there is a 7 player limit to each session. After you’ve pmed the host, you may be invited to the subroom groupchat where you will make your character and participate in the host’s adventure.

☙ What’s required of a character?

A character should have a Race, Class, Weapon of choice, Background, and a Special trait that makes them unique. A character shouldn’t be grossly overpowered and you may need to edit your character at the host’s discretion. More info can be found here. 

☙ Can I watch the adventure even if I didn’t make a character or didn’t make it to the player list?

Of course! PM the host and they’ll be happy to give you the subroom groupchat link so you can watch. Do keep in mind however that you will only be able to spectate, not participate in any way.

☙ If it’s like Dungeons & Dragons, that means I can make my character do whatever I want, right?

No. Both The Library and PS! Global Rules still apply. If you break any of these rules, appropriate punishment will be assigned.

Make sure to use /events to check when the next session is!

We hope to see you there!