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Logging into Google Classroom

During this period Remote Learning, we will be using Google Classroom as the platform for uploading all tasks, resources, and assessments. Please follow these steps in order to log into Google Classroom and join any classes you have been invited to.

1. Go to https://classroom.google.com in your browser.

2. You will be asked to choose an account. If your “ps189m.net” Google account is already

linked to Google, then you can simply click on it. If not, click on “Use another account.”

3. Log in with your CHROMEBOOK Username. Make sure to add “@ps189m.net” at the end

of your username and then click “Next”. For example:

4. Type in your CHROMEBOOK Password and click “Next”.

5. Once you are logged into Google Classroom, you will see all the Classes you are currently a part of or have been invited to. If you see any classes that have the blue “Join” button, make sure to click Join” so that you can access everything.