Project title

Asana link

Pre-kick-off checklist

Ensure that this section is filled out before the Kick-off conversation.

[  ] Link to the Discovery or Test kick-off, or state why it doesn’t need one

[  ] Does this project have a dev lead? (BE and/or FE where applicable)

[  ] Does this project impact other teams? If so, should we loop anyone in pre-spec?

[  ] Are any other teams likely to be invested in the project and/or it’s outcome? E.g., Marketing for emails, Ops for delivery messaging. If so, loop them in early and decide level of involvement and sign-off requirements.

[  ] Are there any dependencies relating to this project? If so, what is our plan for accounting for them?

[  ] Does this project require styling, content, data science input? If so, do we need to loop anyone in pre-spec?

[  ] Have you linked from the Asana task to this document?

[  ] Where are the designs for this project?

[  ] Is there a task for creating the copy for this project?

[  ] Have we included the rollout and tidy-up tasks in the estimate and Asana subtasks?

Kick-off date: Date

Kick-off date: Attendees.

Is everyone here? (e.g., marketing for any landing page changes, or Ops for anything which affects process or volume)

Job story

From the user’s perspective

When… I want to… So I can…


How does this align with Thread’s mission and product vision?

If this was run as a test, what were the results?

How it will work

Detailed spec of the behaviour

Note: If the project relies on ingesting data / rules, we should clarify early on what is needed and agree on a format.

How do the systems interact at the moment?

Is it a Django form or is it via XHR requests?

Can we use what we have already or will we need to change this?

Remember that a lot of the old jQuery makes XHR requests that get HTML returned so we may need to turn that into a JSON API endpoint to use it with React.

How will we roll this out?

Does this project involve migrating any users from one state to another?

Will any internal users need to change their workflows?


What monitoring do we need to ensure that this feature is functioning correctly?

What monitoring do we need to ensure that the system is performant enough and not falling behind?

If this feature caused an outage, what monitoring would we want to have had in place?


Should we add any new analytics (e.g., thread-events) to track behaviour?

Does this project affect other teams?

E.g., Styling; Support; Ops?

Does this affect any tracking that Marketing rely on?

Does this impact thread-events? If so, notify Data Science

If so, make an Asana subtask to notify them!

Should we set a date to check-in on progress vs. the estimate?

For large projects, we should set a check-in date, in order to identify projects at risk of running over significantly.

Create a Slack reminder