Arya Boudaie - -


Brandeis University, Waltham, MA - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (with Honors) and Music - GPA: 3.6 (2013-17)

Relevant Courses: Game Theory, Cryptography, Algorithms, Software Engineering, Discrete Mathematics, Theory of Computation, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Databases, Computational Biology, Math Logic, Senior Honors Thesis in CS Education.

Job Experience:

Google, Software Engineer (July 2017-Present) (Python, Javascript)

Brandeis University, Software Engineer on Measuring Polyphony Project (Spring 2017) (Python, Django, Javascript)

Brandeis University, Head Teaching Assistant - Computer Science (Fall 2016-Spring 2017) (Java, Python, Theory)

Google, Software Engineering Intern - Youtube Identity Team (Summer 2016) (Python, Javascript, CSS)

Brandeis University, Software Engineer for Western Jihadism Project (October 2014 - January 2016) (Python, Django)

Kyruus, Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2015) (Python, Flask, Django, Rails, HTML,  CSS, Javascript, Selenium)

Technical Skills

Fluent in: Python - Frameworks: Django, Flask

Used Regularly: Javascript, CSS, a11y, i18n, Java, Git, Unit Testing, Selenium, Unix, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Jupyter

Past Experience: Ruby/Rails, HTML, C, MaxMSP, SQL, Scheme

Technical Projects: (hosted on Github -

Senior Thesis: Designed, helped implement, and analyzed results for real-life skills Python course for non CS majors - 160 students.

Rideshare Allocation: Implemented graph algorithm for allocating cabs in ride sharing (Python, Jupyter).

Modern Improviser: Javascript/MaxMSP algorithm that improvises over chords (Javascript, MaxMSP)

Programming Competitions/Hackathons: Google CodeJam, ACM, HackMIT, MHacks, PennApps, founded Codestellation

Leadership/Volunteer Experience:

Brandeis Computer Science Club (BITMAP) - Vice President/Co-President (December 2013-June 2016)

Google, Student Ambassador - (2015-2016 School Year)

Brandeis Computer Science Department - Undergraduate Representative (August 2015-June 2016)

Brandeis ESS (Education for Students by Students) - Computer Science teacher (Freshman to Senior Year)


Study Abroad at Indian Institute of Science (took masters level Cryptography, Game Theory, and Virtual Reality)

Brandeis Early Music Ensemble (recorder/lute) and Wind Ensemble (clarinet)