Vladislav Georgiev - Senior Vehicles Artist

E-mail : vladivpg2000@gmail.com Phone : (+420) 774716152

Portfolio: https://vladislavgeorgiev.artstation.com/


Senior Vehicle Artist - SCS Software ( May 2016 - Current )

I've been a vehicle artist throughout the whole time since I work in SCS software. Where I worked on two ( internationally recognized ) projects: American Truck Simulator - background vehicles, Euro Truck Simulator 2 - trucks, trailers and background vehicles.

3D Artist - Bohemia Interactive ( Dec 2013 - May 2016 )

In Bohemia Interactive I've mostly been working as an Environment Artist also a little as Props Artist and Texture Artist. Projects: Arma III - Environment and surface textures, Take on Mars - Props and Character Artist.


Main: Maya, Photoshop

Also use ( when needed ) : Z-brush, Substance Painter, Knald, Quixel Suite, xNormal, KeyShot, various game engines etc.


3D Modelling ( vehicles, hard surface, vegetation, sometimes even characters ), Unwrapping, Texturing, Digital Sculpting, base Rigging and base Animation

Base Scripting skills ( related to the engine implementation of my models in game )

Digital and Traditional sketching ( have a desire to learn/improve my Matte Painting and Concept Art skills :)


Game ART and Digital Animation - University of Hertfordshire ( Sept 2010 - Jun 2011 )


Bulgarian is my native tongue, I speak that and English fluently. In addition to those I also have a limited understanding of Czech and some other European languages.