Basic Warm-Ups for Kung Fu/T’ai Chi

1) Waist rotations, hands on kidneys, 32 times each direction.

2) Shift the weight, side-to-side, hitting the neck and kidney.

3) Waist turns with shoulder rotations, turn, raise, inhale, and turn, drop, exhale. 4 variations - left to right, right to left, front to back, and back to front.

4) Hip rotations, hands on backs of hips, 32 times each direction.

5) Knee rotations, hands over kneecaps, 32 times each direction.

6) Ankle rotations, toe into floor, 10 each foot, in each direction.

7) Hamstring stretches, intertwined palms scoop up, then push down to floor.

8) T’ai Chi posture, reach chin to toe, look forward.

9) Stretches in Tigers, side to side. High to Middle Tigers. Turn out, turn in.

9a) Low Tiger, stretch down and grab feet, same side hands.

9b) Low Tiger, grab behind opposite heel and slap straight leg foot.

10) While pointing up with back vertical, pull over to a high tiger, middle tiger and sink down to tiger squat. Come up into Horse posture and sink on other side.

11) Flex foot leg lifts, front and side, left and right. Tip body away from side lifts.


12) Rooster, toe kicks, Rooster, heel kicks  

13) Completion of warm-ups ~ Cross wrists, palms face in and down, block arms up and go up onto the toes, (inhale) palms face down and drop down at sides, go back onto heels, (exhale).

You are ready for anything!