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77.63 Jains
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77.63 Jains

1372. What Can IBMs* Learn From The Jains?

1373. The Powerful Aspirin Alternative Your Doctor Never Told You About


1374. Weekly Spun Article:

  1. first test article:  Pycnogenol
  2. find some free pdf ebooks on Google
  3. check for free ebooks in Kindle Unlimited
  4. after spin, post KWP in 1-click video template and create posts
  5. add spun article to each generated video

1375. If you want to sell nutritional supplements as an affiliate, you want to avoid Amazon unless you have a monster email list, maybe 10,000 subscribers plus.  Supplements have tremendous markups, and what Amazon pays will not keep the wolf from the door.  Companies that discount the cost of vitamins and supplements may well be half the cost of Amazon or less.

1376. Differentiate between what you can change and what you cannot.

1377. Baby Boomers

The term baby boom refers to a noticeable increase in the birth rate. The post-war population increase was described as a "boom" by various newspaper reporters, including Sylvia F. Porter in a column in the May 4, 1951, edition of the New York Post, based on the increase of 2,357,000 in the population of the U.S. in 1950.[7] The first recorded use of "baby boomer" is in a January 1963 Daily Press article describing a massive surge of college enrollments approaching as the oldest boomers were coming of age.[8][9] The Oxford English Dictionary dates the modern meaning of the term to a January 23, 1970 article in The Washington Post.[10]

1378. Aging Boomer Men Can’t Quit Their Violent, Murderous Ways

Why do people act surprised when a generation as large as the Baby Boom has some bad actors.

When I looked into the issue of crimes by the aging I found some disturbing data. Baby Boomers are doing more crime—and I mean serious crime, not pilfering some groceries—than any previous group of seniors in at least half a century.

Times may be bad now.  I can imagine crime was huge during the Great Depression, as was alcoholism.

“The Boomers—defined by the Census Bureau as those born between 1946 and 1964—played a big part in the great post-'60s crime tsunami. Between 1960 and 1980 violent crime in the United States soared. The murder rate doubled and the robbery rates more than tripled as the young male population (ages 15 to 24) jumped from under 12 million to 21.4 million.”

Duh.  More young men.  More crime.

1379. The Age of Entitlement: How the Baby Boomers Ruined Everything

“Never one to shrink from a fight, Gibney has picked one with the biggest bully on the block in his remarkable new social and political survey, A Generation Of Sociopaths: How The Baby Boomers Betrayed America. Anecdotal in nature but impressively weighted with hard numbers and specifics, the volume serves as both an indictment of and rebuttal to a Woodstock Generation that has gleefully celebrated themselves for decades while gradually running the country into the ground. (Gibney stipulates that he is specifically addressing upper- and middle-class non-minority Americans born between 1940 and 1964.)”

He already added 6 years of births to the Baby Boom which will skew the statistics.

1380. Baby boomers are divorcing for surprisingly old-fashioned reasons

“A grey divorce is simply a divorce that occurs at or after the age of 50. Even though the divorce rate across all age groups has stabilised, the number of grey divorces in the United States has recently dramatically increased. Currently, about one out of every four divorces is grey.”

Part of this is simply demographics.  There are a lot of boomers.  Young people are delaying marriage and hence will have lower divorce rates.

“What has caused this dramatic surge in grey divorces? First has simply been the ageing of the Baby Boomer generation. In 1990, there were only 63.5 million Americans aged 50 and older, but by 2010, there were 99 million in this same age group. By 2050, the US Census Bureau predicts that there will be 158.5 million individuals aged 50 and over. In addition to the growth in absolute numbers of such individuals, life expectancy has mostly continued to tick upwards. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 1950, men could be expected to live, on average, 65.6 years, while women could be expected to live 71.1 years, on average. By 2016, these ages had increased to 76.1 and 81.1, respectively. Both of these factors have worked to expose ever-greater numbers of couples to the possibility of a grey divorce.”

“In contrast, women tended to blame their husbands’ addictions to alcohol, drugs and pornography.”

Women also charged that they were the victims of emotional or verbal abuse.

Maybe so, but abuse tends to go both ways.

1381. Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus’s Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior by James Stockdale

Avid business readers are probably familiar with the ‘Stockdale

paradox’ from the bestselling book Good to Great. As its author

explained it, the paradox captures Stockdale’s resilient mindset

who endured terrible difficulties and adversity as a prisoner of

war in Vietnam. As the author wrote, “You must retain faith that

you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties. AND at

the same time… You must confront the most brutal facts of your

current reality, whatever they might be.” The paradox aside, this

is a fantastic short book by Stockdale himself that shows how

Stoicism can provide the necessary principles and fortitude to

survive such an ordeal.

1382. Rome’s Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal

Enemy of Caesar by Robert Goodman and Jimmy Soni

Cato is probably the closest we have to a perfect Stoic. As one

of the authors, Jimmy Soni, wrote “The Stoics taught Cato that

there were no shades of gray. There was no more-or-less good,

no more-or-less bad. Whether you were a foot underwater or a

fathom, you were still drowning. All virtues were one and the

same virtue, all vices the same vice.” This is an incredible book

that shows what it means to fully live according to one’s principles

even if that means dying for them.

For the first (or last) time of our IBM* lives, let’s not compromise.  Go radical vegan and animal abolitionist.  Build your financial life around Walkabout Solopreneur where you are in control and owe allegiance to no one.  And your worldwide search for the perfect woman is ongoing, and hopefully you never find her.

1383. I need to develop a chklines page for activities to do each day.  Most will be optional, but the idea is to do the best available.

1384. This a great site:


“The ancients had a much broader conception of ethics. Ethics, for them, was the study of how to live a good life. That is what really appealed to me. After reading Aristotle, I moved on to explore other post-Socratic philosophers. Of course I also went back and read the Platonic dialogues to look at the source of all of this. Then I heard about an event that takes place in the UK called Stoic Week; I remembered Stoicism from studying it in high school. In fact, I grew up with that tradition because Stoicism was the dominant philosophy in ancient Rome, and I studied Roman history at school.”

“There’s very little theoretical philosophy in Epictetus. He wasn’t interested in metaphysics. In fact, he explicitly told his students that whatever the nature of the world turns out to be doesn’t make any difference to human life. If the universe is made up of atoms, or it’s made up of something else, those are interesting questions but they’re not going to affect your life. ”

“So he’s agnostic on metaphysics?

That’s right. He says whatever turns out to be turns out to be. There are people interested in that stuff and they’ll figure it out, but really when you have to deal with your daily life and the challenges that it brings, that’s not going to be particularly helpful.”

1386. Always remember that there are people who would love to have your bad days. It’s kind of cliché and sort of an Instagram meme, but it’s so true. Acknowledging this puts you in a position of gratitude and astonishment, rather than greed and disappointment.

1387. “What if instead of trying to be some unassailable force of moral good in the world, each of us just tried to be a little bit better whenever we saw an opportunity? What kind of cumulative difference would that end up making?

1388. As much as I hate the thought, I have to go all in beginning on May 1st as I already have for the vegan lifestyle.  Half measures don’t work for me.  I have to master affiliate marketing and know every aspect that I can teach abroad.  I need to create a marketing machine for Walkabout Solopreneur that focuses on green marketing and few shiny objects.  Back to ChkLines.


Kris: Eye appeal is one of the first things I’ll look for. I need to feel that the landing page is going to be visually attractive to users. One of the ways I determine this is if the design of the landing page is making good use of the space above the fold, so how well it presents itself before you scroll down the page.

If I could suggest one thing to beginners it would be to stick with proven campaigns that are already performing well overall. Once you’ve made that decision, then you can start testing traffic sources.

I don’t see affiliate marketing going away anytime soon but I do see it becoming more challenging as time goes on.

1390. For MOH, you want to collect all of your legal documents such as B/C, marriage, and divorce certificates.  You can store them with a trusted friend in the U.S. or carry them with you if you have no one.

1391. There is one VERY clear trend in not just the affiliate industry, but the online

marketing space as a whole. Email list building is coming back on a massive

scale. Ten years ago, many skilled marketers have sworn that email would

be gone by now, replaced by more “modern” and innovative means of

communicating with customers.

Another segment that is coming back into the focus of affiliate marketers is


So far the BIGGEST hit this year (and 2018 too) has been PUSH notifications, which has taken the affiliate industry by storm, like POPs once did. Pretty much everyone has at least experimented with this “resurrected” format and many have found success.


Start here.


“Liang decided she needed a companion, but meeting new people isn’t easy for divorced or widowed seniors. In China, many are also wary of scammers targeting the elderly, while others worry that existing relatives won’t accept newcomers to the family so late in life. Still others believe that one’s later years are best dedicated to ensuring the prosperity of descendants rather than personal fulfillment.”

For those willing to take the plunge, though, help is at hand. Local communities abound with so-called hongniang — “red aunties” who act as matchmakers for China’s singletons. For those of a certain age, hongniang can provide an antidote to the solitude of the twilight years, drawing on informal friendship networks to supply single seniors with huanghun lian — “twilight love.”

Yu thinks that young people understand neither the isolation of the elderly, nor their need for late-in-life companionship. “If no one calls, you just sit listening to the TV — it doesn’t cure your worry or loneliness,” he says. A partner makes life interesting and worthwhile. “This kind of love is not something you can see or touch,” Yu says. “It’s like air. Without love, life gets unbearable.”

However, most elderly couples eschew formal marriage in favor of cohabitation — a practice commonly known as shihun, or “trial marriage.” In most cases, this is for practical reasons: Chinese marriage law stipulates that the spouse’s family is entitled to a share of the inheritance unless a written agreement says otherwise, and this regulation frequently leads to disputes between the surviving partner and the descendants of the deceased. As a result, cohabitation among unmarried seniors is a relatively common phenomenon, even as it remains stigmatized among young couples.

1394. ChkLines - Public Domain eBooks


Public domain and free ebooks.  Be sure to check the rights before republishing.

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