March 11, 2018



Jed Holland

Ringing the Bell

Welcome and Greeting

Pam Jordan


Opening Words

Rev. Allison Palm

Lighting the Chalice

Bob Sampson

Opening Hymn: “For All That Is Our Life”

No. 128

Evolving Covenant of Right Relationship

    Our church is a unique community where we aspire to personal and spiritual growth,

    and to learning new ways of being in relation to one  another. Mindful of your inherent

    worth and dignity, I do covenant to: bring my best self to this place; listen intently;

    speak honestly and thoughtfully; trust in your good intentions and recognize that my

    actions and words have an impact regardless of my intentions; and when I fall out of

    Covenant, I will ask for help and be open to loving guidance to restore my relationship

    with you.


Anthem: “Both Sides Now” (Joni Mitchell, John Coates, Jr. arr.)


Wonder Box

Sadie Kahn-Greene

About our Outreach Recipient: The Donna Purkhiser and Gregory McDevitt scholarship fund allows children who would normally be unable to attend The Children’s Winter Garden with White Wing School due to financial limitations the ability to do so. The scholarship is named to Donna and Greg, two individuals who recognized the importance of quality early education. During their lives, they each worked hard to ensure the success of our preschool. We continue to honor their legacy through the scholarship fund.

Supporting our Church: Our mission, our programs, our historic facilities and our liberal religious values are dependent upon contributions from members and friends. Please use the green envelopes. If you would like to make a sustaining pledge to support our work, please ask to be directed to a member of the Stewardship Committee.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

58 Lowell Street, Nashua, NH 03064  (603)882-1091

www.uunashua.org,  uucnoffice@uunashua.org

Staff: Reverend Allison Palm, Minister, ext. 202, Sadie Kahn-Greene, Director of Faith Formation, ext. 203, Sherri Woolsey, Church Administrator, ext. 201, Molly Yarrington, Acting Membership Coordinator, ext. 204, Jed Holland, Music Director, Sandy Martinage, Sexton, Lori Bonnette, Bookkeeper, Ericka Lavalley, Faith Formation Assistant.

Caring Candles

 Silent Reflection

 “Spirit of Life”

Children & Volunteers will leave for Faith Formation classes during “Spirit of Life”

Rev. Allison & Members of 3rd & 4th Gr. Class

No. 123

Outreach Offering: CWG-WWS Scholarship

  Response: “From You I Receive”

Rev. Allison

No. 402


Words for Reflection

Bob Sampson

Special Music: “A Time for All Things” (Scottish folk tune; words adapted from Ecclesiates; Douglas E. Wagner, arr.)

Suellen Davidson &

Jo Ann Kaplan

Sermon: “Past, Present and Future”

Rev. Allison


Closing Hymn: “Light of Ages and of Nations”

No. 190


Rev. Allison

Song for Parting: “Peace and Joy”

Inside back cover of hymnal


Jed Holland


Music Notes: Inspired by a Saul Bellow novel, Joni Mitchell wrote “Both Sides, Now” to

give voice to the bittersweet emotion of being hurt by the things we love. As we look to

the future and remember the past, the knowledge that happiness and sadness are intertwined at all stages of life helps to keep us mindful of the here-and-now, with the transient difficulties and joys of each day, and navigate each one with balance and awareness.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Theme: Balance



“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

-Winston Churchill

The Reverend Allison Palm, Minister

Sadie Kahn-Greene, Director of Faith Formation