Community Guidelines

Staff Applications
Want to join the BrownTown staff? Feel free to apply 
here and be sure to properly fill out the forms. The TLC reserves the right to close your application at any time. If your application is closed then the best course of action is to continue playing within the community and try again later. Do not have more than one staff application open at the same time and remember that Donor mods (D-Mods) are not staff and should not be listed among the staff that know you.

Have an idea that you'd like to share? Think it can improve the community? Don't be afraid to share it 

Ban Appeals
Feel you were falsely banned? Submit an appeal 
here and an Admin or above will look into the case again.

Reporting a Player
Did another user RDM you but no staff were on to handle it? Submit a report here and a Mod or Admin will deal with it shortly. For more serious reports such as personal harassment, cheating, or ghosting, an Admin or higher is required to handle it. Do not use this section to report staff members or Donators who you feel are misusing their powers. To report an abuse of powers please submit a report here.

Warning Points System
If you feel like breaking the simple community rules, you may be subject to warning points. Warning points stack up on your account and, if you reach certain thresholds of warning points, you will be punished. Below is a list of the number of warning points you may receive for each action as well as the punishments associated. Note that high ranking staff may use their discretion and may hand out more or less warning points depending on the severity of the offence. Repeat offenders may receive compounding warnings.

Discord Warnings & Punishments
Discord warnings are indiscriminate—regardless of the reason any severely inappropriate action on Discord may result in 1 warning point. Warning points on Discord do not expire and therefore are very serious. Only the most exceptional cases of reformed users may have their warnings cleared. The punishments for reaching certain warning point thresholds are as follows:

Upon reaching 2 warnings, you will be muted from both text and voice chat for 30 minutes.

Upon reaching 3 warnings, you will be kicked from the Discord. Any roles you had may be re-added at a later time.

Upon reaching 4 warnings, you will have any roles you had on Discord stripped and will not receive them back.

Upon reaching 5 warnings, you will be kicked from the Discord and have anything you have posted in the past week be deleted. This is the final warning.

Upon reaching 6 warnings, you will be permanently banned from Discord.