WSCA Board Meeting July 6, 2017

Attending: Ted Sapoznik, Jim Darby, John Headley, Dave Hamilton, Linda Henson and Scott Muirhead

  1. State shoot


  1. Working on door prizes. Hope to find sponsors.
  2. Hoping to find sponsor for WSCA shoot off ammo.
  3. WSCA Shoot-offs - Dave will update our budget so we can see how much money is available to buy prizes for the WSCA shoot-offs. Discussed the prizes. Dave will send income statement with prize suggestions to the board. We will review and make a decision as soon as possible.
  4. Communication (Linda):
  1. Linda will contact Jeff Spivey to see if they have put together the program and when to have a cutoff date for shoot offs.
  1. Purchase RTE trophies. Subtract what we spend on RTE from state shoot prize $$. Scott propose same belt buckle as in the past. This motion passed.  Dave will contact Jim White for the buckles.

During the event (ALL)

  1. Designate WSCA responsibilities for all tasks. TBD.

  1. WAYESS (Dave) Dave gave an update on how WAYESS (Washington Youth Education in Shooting Sports) works, and why we would want to send youth dollars to WAYESS. Dave put out a motion to formalize our procedure around donations to youth shooting (bi-annually). Will fund annually from January to December starting 2018. Scott will contact WA youth clubs to let them know what we are doing.
  1. After careful consideration, the WSCA Board of Directors has decided, beginning January 1, 2018, to award WSCA youth shooting contributions to WAYESS. WAYESS has a demonstrated track record of supporting youth shooting in Washington State and is an appropriate recipient of the WSCA shooters Youth Shooting contributions. More information about WAYESS is available on their website:

  1. Shooter safety at registered events Linda will call Pete and discuss with him (targets and shot from stations 8-13, the need for trappers to wear ear plugs and glasses – don’t want shooters sending a complaint to NSCA to investigate.)

  1. 2017-18 shoot schedule (Linda) 
  1. Proposed schedule will go out to clubs in September
  2. Club commitments: Dealing with cancellations
  3. Lost Pair fun shoot September

  1. 2018 State Shoot 
  1. Lost Pair Ranch
  2. Others?

  1. Ft Lewis
  1. Greg Gianos reached out to Linda to let the board know that Ft. Lewis is interested on putting on registered shoots. Jim Darby and Scott Muirhead will go out to talk to the manager on July 16th. Details to follow after meeting.