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PS! Trivia Minigame Fortnight
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Trivia Minigame Fortnight


The Minigame Fortnight is an event hosted by the Pokemon Showdown! Trivia room from May 1 through May 15. During Minigame Fortnight, the room will regularly host trivia-based minigames, and the winners of these minigames (and, sometimes, participants!) will earn points. The users with the most points at the end of the event win, and will receive prizes (see Prizes section below). Please join the Trivia room to play or ask any questions you may have after reading this document! Good luck!


The top two finishers in the event will get to choose between the following prizes (second place takes whichever first place declines):

Minigame Scoring

Blitz (and Team Blitz): 25 points for reaching finals, +75 for winning (100 total)

Duel (and Team Duel): 10 points per round won (kill points); +50 for winning

Tour Duel: 25 points for semifinalists if more than 8 players; 50 points for runner up; 100 for winning

Dodgeball: 15 points per question answered correctly (30 if Inverse Dodgeball); 50 if on the winning team

Prime Minister: 15 points per round survived

King of the Hill: 20 points per in-game point

Cataloguer: 15 points per round survived

Spot the Ditto: 15 points per ditto spotted

The Reg Game: 15 points per in-game point

Hangman Trivia: 10 points per in-game point/question answered

Image Trivia: 10 points per question answered correctly

Suspect Search: 5x your final score, winner bonus of 30.

Information about these minigames can be found in the Trivia room or on our website.


All minigames that give points towards the Minigame Fortnight leaderboard will be hosted by the Trivia room’s auth team (auth are users with a +, %, @, or # in front of their username). Regular (i.e. non-auth) users will be allowed to host minigames, but these minigames will NOT award points—they’re just a bonus for fun.


Congrats, you made it to the end of the information document! We hope you have a fun time playing the minigames, and good luck to those who are trying to win!  ~Trivia Staff

NOTE: Cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct are strictly forbidden; those who engage in these behaviors will be disqualified from Minigame Fortnight at the discretion of the staff.