The Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries (SGRF) 2018:

The Sacred Souls of Past, Present and Future

It has been more than 30 years since our elders arrived in Oregon carrying with them hope and the tools to cultivate family and culture in the remote land. So many generations of the children - young and old - have sheltered at Wolf Creek seeking the same things, free of the repressive default world. They rushed into the loving welcome of the valley, and into the verdant comfort of the gentle yet aged grandfather maple, his arms outstretched to embrace all his beautiful sprites and satyrs.

We call the sacred children of all the generations home to the hearth where we gather and embrace, love, share and commune in our fae spirit and light. We dance in the tall reeds of the clearing and sway to the drums, honoring those who have gone but who paved the way for us, and ennobling those who might carry the fire forward.

To the generations who walked those miles ahead of us and those yet to make their marks, we gather to lift each other up inspired by our brotherhood and connectedness. We bind with our hands in circles. With open hearts and minds, we bare our inhibitions to the light of sun and moon to banish doubts and shadows. We combine our magic and wisdom, given without anticipation of reward, to summon the best part of ourselves and our brothers.

This year’s Gathering will have a particular focus and theme, reflecting upon the past as a guide to the present and a springboard to the future, a unity of time and motion. We hope to offer opportunity for self-reflection as well as group engagement on where we’ve been and where we’re going, individually and as a community. We encourage all who attend to think about these issues ahead of time, and to come to the Land with an idea or issue - about themselves or this community - they wish to explore over the course of the week.

The Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries, or as it has become known, the “Mens Gathering,” is a “specific container event” for those persons who self-identify as male and whose sexual orientation is male-centered. This includes a large number of folk who have intersectional identities, including trans men, faeries, faggots, queers, homos, gay men, and many others. While we rejoice in and celebrate all identities, the purpose of *this* Gathering is not necessarily to explore various intersectional identities but to keep the focus on male-to-male interaction and relationships, however the *participants* construe that. We acknowledge that this container may not feel appropriate for all who might wish to attend, and we lovingly encourage them to explore other events at the Sanctuary.

Come and join together as we laugh, play, sing, dance, cry, sigh, howl, chant, love and cherish one another for a week of magik and communion.

General Information and Policies

Please read the entirety of this information, as well as the appended Code of Conduct.


The Gathering this year is July 15th-22nd, Sunday to Sunday. During this time, Wolf Creek will be a closed container to accommodate faggot-only space. Early arrival or a later departure must be approved by the Caretakers.

Please note: For this Gathering, we will NOT accept Saturday July 21 arrivals (i.e. no one-nighters). All participants must be on the Land by July 20 Friday evening, before dinner (~6:00 pm).


No one is turned away for lack of funds; but please be aware that creating this gathering does cost money. We ask that you donate at least $35/day for the time you are on the land. Extra money not only covers our expenses, but also helps maintain the Sanctuary and its facilities. Please give more if you can; less if you can’t. Payment in advance helps us to purchase food and supplies and eases the financial stress on Nomenus, although on-site payment will be available for those who need it.

Registration: click here -  Registration Form 

Your registration helps us plan buying food and other aspects of the gathering. Please indicate how much you will pay now, and how much later (either at the gathering or before).

Note that for this Gathering, you are asked to affirm your commitment to the Code of Conduct (see below) before your registration can be processed. Those who arrive un-registered will be required to sign as well before they may participate.

Spontaneous Arrivals:

Our ability to absorb spontaneous arrivals at this Gathering is limited due to the challenges we face on the Land currently, and the atmosphere we wish to cultivate. We ask *everyone* who intends to show up *without* pre-registration to contact Spidey at (503) 927-5658 (email: at least one day prior to arrival to ensure that you can be accommodated. While we don’t wish to turn anyone away, we need to be able to provide support for all those who do attend, and last-minute arrivals challenge our ability to do so effectively.

Saturday arrivals will not be admitted to the Sanctuary for this event. If you arrive on Saturday, you may be asked to leave. This is to protect the container that has been built for and by the weeklong participants. Too many late arrivals will disrupt that continuity and the intimacy we hope to engender.

Accessibility and Transportation:

Wolf Creek Sanctuary is located at 4525 Lower Wolf Creek Rd., Wolf Creek, Oregon, about 20 miles (32 km) north of Grants Pass. It is easily accessible by car; and with prior arrangement, rides from the Grants Pass Amtrak station will be available. We’ll have decorations at the top of the driveway so you can find us. A link to Google maps is here:

Carpooling is encouraged and a rideshare list can be found at


Wolf Creek is a rustic 80 acre sanctuary in a rural area. There are pit toilets scattered around the property and an outdoor solar shower. Due to prolonged drought in the region; please keep your showers quick and consider rinsing off in the creek as an alternative. Remember to protect the creek by using only biodegradable soap and rinsing off sunscreen before entering. Shared structures include a barn for meal preparation and entertainment, the Garden House for smaller indoor gatherings, and a smoking gazebo, You are invited to tend or add to the many altars located on the land and to help out with the garden and the greenhouse. The Land has many natural features awaiting your exploration.

All private cabins on the Land, including Caretaker cabins, are strictly OFF-LIMITS. Participants may only approach these structures if invited or in cases of emergency.

Smoking is restricted to designated areas. Wolf Creek is extremely dry during summer months, and fire is a real danger – one which came close to destroying the sanctuary shortly after the 2013 gathering. Absolutely no fire, smoking, candles, or incense on paths or at campsites.


Again, due to drought, fresh potable water is in short supply and must first go toward maintaining sanitary conditions in and around food handling and meal prep in the interest of public health. We ask all participants to bring drinking water if they can, about one gallon per day per person.  Feel free to bless a tree with any extra water before your departure

Be conscious of the presence of poison oak in and around wooded areas. This summer, rattlesnakes have been in abundance and bears and mountain lions have been prowling, so we ask participants to keep an eye out as they travel about the Land, and not keep any open food at their tents (‘cause critters be hongry!)


There are tenting spots all over the Land. If you will be camping, you will need to bring your own camping gear. A limited number of cabins are available to those with special needs, the elderly and disabled; please submit your request through the registration form. For those who need access to electrical power but not indoor accommodation (as for a CPAP device, for example) you may be able to camp in front of the Elder cabins, or in the Vision Garden on a case-by-case basis. Please bring whatever you need to support your request, including outdoor electrical cords. There is also room for some RV’s and trailers in the parking lot.

There is NO camping between the wooden bridge and Lower Wolf Creek Rd. This strip of land is not owned by Nomenus and is currently occupied by *aggressive* squatters. DO NOT engage with these persons.

The Sanctuary does not maintain public laundry facilities, nor does it provide towels or any other sort of hotel-style amenities. Please come prepared with enough clothing, towels, bedding and etc to see to our needs during your stay.


Our kitchen queen will need help. We are each responsible for feeding one another and for cleaning up.

● Cooked breakfast and dinner will be provided and foodstuffs will be on hand to self-prepare lunch or snacks. [Note: Dinner only on Sun 7/15, breakfast only on Sun 7/22]

● If you have special dietary needs, please indicate on the registration form, and we’ll accommodate *as best we can.* Please bring supplemental food if needed, especially if you have particular dietary needs, and we can help with preparation.

● For those with extreme food sensitivities which make it impractical to share space with the communal kitchen; please be aware that the kitchen in Garden House is available to prepare whatever special meals you require.

● You’re encouraged to bring food to share.

● Because of bears and other critters, do NOT keep food in tents!


For the safety and comfort of everyone at the Gathering, please leave your dogs and other pets at home. A kennel is available in Merlin, just south of Wolf Creek, where you can board your furry loved one.

A note on Service Animals: if you have an official Service Dog, you will be required to show appropriate paperwork before bringing your Service Dog onto the Land. Only trained Service Dogs will be allowed, not “emotional comfort” animals. If you need to bring a Service Dog, please put that in SpecIal Needs. Note that your Service Dog may not be allowed at all places and times, depending upon the situation, and you may need to accommodate yourself at those times.


You’re invited to turn OFF your phone and internet. Be present here, now. If needed, however, there is (often spotty) cellular service on the Land and the Garden House has slow-speed internet available.

Safety/Respect/Fae Ethos:

Our principles are simple: safety, confidentiality, and love and respect for one another, nurtured by heart-centred subject-to-subject consciousness. We are responsible for our own experiences, while respecting the dignity and enjoyment of others. Ask for what you need or want. Speak your truth with compassion. Be direct, be honest. Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. Consent is sexy. Different faggots have different and changeable boundaries. Check-in and ask. Nothing is sexier than “yes, please.” But above all, be kind and patient with one another.

Note that all participants are required to agree to the Code of Conduct in order to complete their registration.


Please take or post photos and videos only with permission of the subjects. We would like someone with appropriate skills to serve as official event photographer.


We are looking for a volunteer to help assemble an on-line directory.


We invite you to be present with clear, focused consciousness. A consistent rule at Wolf Creek is no speed, meth, heroin, or cocaine. In the interests of being fully available to each other, and supporting those in recovery, we discourage drinking and especially being drunk in public.

If you choose to drink, please do so in the parking lot, or the privacy of your tent. The exception is Libations Night. If there is a Libations night, a designated sober area will be set aside, and sober volunteers recruited to monitor everyone’s safety.

We acknowledge that, for some, even being around others in an altered frame of mind may be triggering, and the Garden House has been designated as “Sober Space” for the entire Gathering as a “retreat” for these persons when needed. Do not use intoxicants (including cannabis) in or around Garden House.

Remember: NO

● Speed, heroin, meth, or cocaine—not in you, not on you, not in your car.

● Violence or intolerance.

● Fire, smoking, candles, or incense on paths or at campsites.

● Pets

SGRF 2018 Code of Conduct

In the interest of maintaining a safe, respectful environment for all participants, we require all who will be attending SGRF to agree to the following Code of Conduct. You will NOT be permitted to register for this event without your agreement to these principles.

Intoxicants and other Mind-Altering Substances - I agree not to consume intoxicants and/or other mind-altering substances outside of my tent or designated areas/times. I understand that intoxication is not an excuse for bad behavior, and I am still accountable for my behavior while intoxicated.

Consent - I agree that i will refrain from touching others, either sexually or otherwise, without their explicit verbal consent. I understand that only “Yes” means “Yes” and all other responses are not “Yes.”

Violence - I agree to refrain from both physical and verbal violence during the Gathering and understand that committing any act of violence against others is a cause for ejection, at the discretion of the Caretakers and the organizers.

Respect - I agree to treat other persons as they wish to be treated, to ask when I’m uncertain what that is, and to abide by the personal boundaries that others set for themselves. I will allow others to express themselves without interference, and I will first assume good intent on behalf of all participants when engaging with them.

Confidentiality - In order to promote the free expression of personal matters, I agree not to discuss what others say at the Gathering outside of the Gathering without the consent of the speaker.

Environment - I agree to conduct myself with respect toward the physical environment of the Land, keeping my personal space clean of debris, keeping water usage to a minimum, using only environmentally friendly soap, and not using open flames anywhere other than designated spaces.

Health and Wellness - I agree that I will not attend if I have an easily transmissible infection (like norovirus!). I understand that, in the event of an active infection, it is the first responsibility of the Caretakers and organizers to protect public health, which might result in the limitation of my activities during the Gathering if I am so infected.

Caretaker (and other Resident) Cabins - I understand that these spaces are off-limits and agree not to approach them unless invited or in the case of an emergency.

Pets - I agree to leave my pet at home. If I wish to bring a Service Dog, I agree to provide official paperwork to show my animal has been trained by an appropriate facility, and to notify organizers in advance of this intention.