1.        Authority

        SC 751, 807.1

It is the policy of the Board that when funds are available all purchases contemplated within the current budget and not subject to bid shall be made in a manner that ensures the best interests of the District.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

All purchases that are within budgetary limits may be made upon authorization of the Purchasing Agent, Business Manager, Board Secretary, and/or Superintendent, unless the contemplated purchase is for more than $19,100, in which case prior approval of the Board is required.

      SC 609, 751,                 807.1

All purchase order requests must be referred to the Business Manager who shall check whether the proposed purchase is subject to bid; whether sufficient funds exist in the budget; and whether the material might be available elsewhere in the district.


School Code 24 P.S. Sec. 508, 609, 751, 807.1

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