What Will It Be? What is the goal of the project?

Target Audience:


  1. Files Everywhere, Computers Don’t Merge
  1. Multi-office (3 locations) private practice that doesn’t have data/paperwork/documents merged among computers (only Dentrix data are merged with computers in respective offices)
  1. Front Desk Inconsistency
  1. Manually sorting documents and manually searching for consent forms daily
  2. Lacking document/paper control, too many papers going around office via fax, some paper trails get lost/have to physically bring over to office
  3. Unsure if all messages on paper are getting relayed between coworkers
  4. Login passwords and info are always updating, always need to call respective office and whiteout
  5. Daily Sheet and Reimbursement log record
  1. Document Storage Inconsistency
  1. Different versions of documents in multiple computers
  2. Inconsistent file names, files not up to date
  1. Billing Team Workflow
  1. Follow-up workflow missing for EOB/Billing/Pre-D/Missing Claims
  2. Some patients have an outstanding balance/claim+pre-d appeals and we need some type of way to follow up after they are sent out
  3. No idea of when Government claims exceeds a time limit (90-day period + secondary claims), some submissions aren’t on file, no follow up on resubmissions until Missing Claims is actually being worked on which may delay processing time
  1. Credentialing (Onboarding and Recredentialing)
  1. Lacking document control for providers+practice credentials log and when to follow up with companies for recredentialing
  1. Communication
  1. Manual remote desktop login for each office if we need to see other office’s appointment/their patient’s info
  2. Sometimes Dentrix Patient Chart and Doc center doesn’t open correctly through remote desktop, have to call over to office and ask FD to read clinical notes anyway

Concept/Goal of Web Application

  1. One Central Place for Staff and All Office Documents
  1. Goal: Unifying all paper document trail for our three locations (2 in Manhattan and 1 Bklyn) by having accounts for each staff person (total 18)
  1. Front Desk
  1. Being able to search for the files in any tab (search bar is at the top of the navigation menu)
  2. Will be a digital resource for FD staff to find all the forms we need when we need to reprint
  3. Have clear guide of training whenever new hires come onboard (with work papers that need to be filled out),
  4. Pop Up will display at the top of homepage screen for 1 week with office message or password updates
  1. Organization of Information used by Front Desk
  1. Implement a logical hierarchy and universal style of file names
  2. Ex: Shared Documents folder for all patient/ins/consent forms, check-in forms at the top of the list
  3. [File Type - File Name/Procedure Type] ex: Consent Form - Refusal of X-rays // [Keyword] ex: refusal
  1. Billing Team
  1. Create and implement clear process of billing, eob, pre-d, missing clams, other paper trails
  2. Patients get their own folder with name and “account/ticket” record of each time we last resubmitted information, create alert at submission to get a popup notification to followup in 2 weeks for said patient
  3. Government Ins Claims: Embed pop up alert every 45 days to follow up on government ins claims
  1. Improve Providers and Office Credentials
  1. Tab will have all the provider’s names and next recredentialing status date on first screen
  2. Upload option available for providers to upload their new credentials
  3. Each provider will have their own page which includes their info and PDF documents of licensure, credentialing documents, their expiration dates and a list/table of when to recredential with  aspinsurances
  1. Improve flow of Communication
  1. Incorporate Chat Room option so that front desk staff can communicate with each other
  2. (Need to think of solution for remote desktop problem) 

Functionality/Features (in progress, will add more)

Links & Its Order of Hierarchy

  1. Log In Screen (MUST! REQUIRED!)
  2. Dashboard (homepage of web application)
  3. Office Information
  4. Front Desk
  5. Forms and Documents
  6. Providers
  7. Financials Team
  8. Chat Room

Content (in progress, will add more)

  1. Log In Screen
  2. Dashboard (homepage of web application)
  1. Office Information
  1. Front Desk
  1. Forms and Documents
  1. Providers
  1. Financials Team
  1. Chat Room


List in the order of finding them:

  1. Front Office Rocks – https://frontofficerocks.com/ – (definitely the most relatable for content. They are a site serving the industry’s needs of these kinds of documents/templates/training rather than just one company)
  2. List of Dental Practice Solutions – https://www.henryschein.com/us-en/Dental/practicesolutions/PracMgmtSft.aspx
  3. Purpose of switching over – http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/11/5-reasons-i-went-digital-with-my-dental-practice-management-software30-years-ago.html (For these, I would be able to relate to the list if my project was for a provider to the patient type of site. In terms of my project, I would change #1 to “Value and Expand the use of your time by decluttering your head & desk space instead of drowning in Paper”. For #3, I would change it to “Improving Employee/FrontDesk Staff’s work experience”.
  4. Spring CM – https://www.springcm.com/products/document-management close. but not close enough.
  5. SohoDox – http://www.sohodox.com/solutions/
  6. Enlighten – Digital File Manager – https://www.enlighten.net/digital-file-manager/
  7. Logical Doc – https://www.logicaldoc.com/features
  8. Dove Tail http://dovetail.co/ (this is similar to I wanted to do for my “Financials Team” section -see word doc)
  9. http://www.onesourcedocs.com/dental.html (credentialing/license document database)
  10. Bitrix 24 – Found this last (on page 4 of Google, under “dental document management system” search) and this is it! –  https://www.bitrix24.com/uses/free-office-management-software.php .. minus the social networking and clients sections. Bitrix24’s Features