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Tuesday, September 6, 2022




7:30 - 8:00

Arrival -

Stop and clean up around 8:00 or so. I have a few late arrivers.

As students come in the arrival process is to:

-put their green folders in the black tub on my table

-snack in their drawer

-supplies at their tables

-backpack in cubby, lunch box in front if they have it.

-make lunch choice

8:00 - 9:45

Reader’s Workshop- Start with morning news

Then bring students to the carpet. Do a light calendar talk about the day of week, month, year. Discuss the weather. Nothing too formal, just a casual conversation. Add a blue link to the links hanging from the board. We are counting how many days of school we have had. Count the links together after you add one.

 Read B is for Bulldozer. Alphabet construction, asking questions along the way as you see fit. We’ve been discussing how letters make words and words make sentences this week.

Following the reading review letter Mm and the sound it makes. Ask them to tell you words that start with that sound. You can make a list and/or draw on the whiteboard what they tell you.

Dismiss to tables and then do  a whole class  restroom break around 8:45/9:00.  I usually send 2 boys and 2 girls in at a time. They line up against the wall as they finish.

When you return, do a brain break video from youtube, just search a Jack Hartman ABC video.

We’ve been learning stations and are up to 2 right now, so at this time you can break them into groups and send them to stations. Stations listed to the right→

9:35/9:40 stop and clean up for recess time.

News Link


9:45 - 10:15

Recess - Playground near bldg. right outside Kinder hallway.

Ms. Davis will meet  her class back in her classroom to prep for lunch.

You will take Ms. Davis class too. Come in at 10:05-10:10 to prepare for lunch

10:15 - 10:45

Lunch - Table B - I line up the buyers first, and group them by what they are buying. Have them get their lunch tags out of their drawers before lining up if they are buying.  Lunch box students will line up last.

Quick squirt of sanitizer on everyone and then you will walk students down to the cafeteria and put the buyers in the lunch line to the right near the doors to the patio. Lunch box students will go to B tables and begin eating. Ms. Davis has lunch duty.

This is your brunch/lunch break. Ms. Davis will bring my class back to the classroom from lunch.

10:50 - 11:20

Science/Social Studies Last week you watched videos about what Science is, now we are going to learn about what a Scientist is. A scientist is someone who studies Science and all the parts about it.

Scientist, Scientist, Who Do You See? - Science for Kids Read Aloud

Science Song for Kids with Lyrics - Children’s Learning Songs by The Learning Station

11:20 - 12:10

Writer’s Workshop -

You can do a brain break video at any point if needed. I know they get restless after lunch.

Bring to the carpet read:

 The Letters are Lost

Dismiss to tables:

Remind/review the letter M and the sound it makes. Then pass out the M paper and they will use crayons to decide if each picture inside the M starts with the MMMMm sound. If it does they can circle or color it (your choice)  If it doesn’t then they leave it alone. You can do this whole group, telling them what each picture is and then allow them to decide. Project it on the screen if you prefer.

Then, have them start on their all about me paper. If you don’t finish it….it is OK we will finish it Thursday or Friday. Have them do each part of the page, telling them what each topic is.

If you run out of time, just collect them and I will finish with them later in the week.

12:10 - 1:35

Math -

Start with snack at 12:15 students will be dismissed a table at a time to get their snack from their drawer. they can begin eating as soon as they get their snack. Give them about 15 minutes. They can watch a video while they eat. Just search something on you tube or PBS kids.


After snack, bring to the carpet, students will sit in a circle and count around the circle  from 1-10. One student will start off and then the next student says next number and so on. When they get to 10 start over at 1. Do this 4-5 times.

Next, yesterday we learned and talked about #2 but didn’t get to practice writing it, so have them take a 2 page and trace and write it with pencil. You can give them some direction on how to write it, or walk around and help. After they trace and write, pass out the Jeep Numbers sheet and they will circle all the 2’s they see on the page with pencil or crayon.

If you still have time left they can go back to the same stations as the morning, pick up where you left off.

At 1:15 start cleaning up, packing up. As you dismiss a table at a time, they will put their supplies in their drawers, get their backpack and hang it on their chairs and wait to line up for specials. Have them make sure tables are cleaned off, floor is picked up and everything is ready for dismissal. When ready, line them up for specials and take them. They will be at specials until 3:05.

Feel free to check with the front office if they need any help anywhere.

1:35 - 3:05

Specials - Libratory and PE- Students will be dropped off in the library. Specials teachers will switch them at the half and bring them back to the classroom at 3:05.


Dismissal -  Immediately start lining them up to go to dismissal locations in the hallway. Hopefully they kind of know where to go by now HA. Walker A lines up right outside my door but across the hall

Walker C- goes down the hall to the left and waits in line

Walker B-lines up along the wall of my classroom in the hall

Walker D-goes down the hall after C leaves and gets in line

**Ms. Davis will dismiss below***

Daycare- will walk all the way down the hall to the end after Walker D leaves

Bus goes down the hall to Mrs. Robinson.

Car riders- will go next door to Ms. Davis when she’s ready she will get them

You have Walker B duty. You will walk the group along my wall to Walker B location. Take them out the door, across the playground to the gate. Follow the sidewalk down to the crosswalk at the first street intersection. Stay until all students are with a parent. Once this is done, you are done for the day! YAY

How we go home:

Walker A: Madison, Emmitt, Bentley

Walker B: Evie, Jae’c, Ashten

Walker C: Damian, Robert

Walker D: Jo, Oliver

Daycare: Camila

YMCA: Lailah

Bus: Amelia, Madison, Gianni

Car Rider: Malachi, Soraya, Corlia

Thank you so much! I hope you had a good day. Please let me know if there were any problems or concerns.