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Wednesday, February 1, 2023




11:20 - 12:10

Writer’s Workshop- New station Activities

See packets on table. I have already explained it to them and we have started.

Try to get 2 rotations in of the new stations before snack.

11:30-11:45 ish

11:50-12:05 ish

12:10 - 1:35

Math - Take a snack break. Have students sit at their table. Dismiss a table at a time to get sanitizer and their snack. They will sit at their table and eat. Put on a video from YouTube like Arthur, or MIckey Mouse Clubhouse, Franklin, CLifford etc…. Stop and clean up at 12:30.

FInish up afternoon stations

Stop at 1:20ish to start cleaning up and pack up. Students can take all their 100s day stuff home. Pass out green folders and have them put all of it in their folder.  

Try to get last 3 stations in.

12:30-12:45 ish

12:50-1:05 ish

1:10-1:25 ish

1:25 - 1:35

Clean up and Pack Up - Dismiss a table at a time, they will put their supplies away, get their backpacks, stack their chairs and then sit on the rug in a circle.


Specials -  Libratory and PE

Take them to the library-

Specials teachers will bring them back at 3:05

I am supposed to tell you to check in with the front office during this time, so pretend I did, but you can either hide out or help the Kinder team with the decorations for the hallway. Ask Kim or Cornelia what you can do 🙂


Dismissal -

Start lining them up to go to dismissal. They should know where to go.

 Walker A lines up right outside my door but across the hall

Walker C- goes down the hall to the left and waits in line

Walker B-lines up along the wall of my classroom in the hall

Walker D-goes down the hall to the right and gets in line

Bus and Daycare will stand at the door and wait to be called. Car riders- will go next door to Ms. Davis room after you’ve dismissed all the walkers.  

You have Walker B duty. You will walk the group along my wall to Walker B location. Take them out the door, across the playground to the gate. Follow the sidewalk down to the crosswalk at the first street intersection. Stay until all students are with a parent. Once this is done, you are done for the day! YAY

How we go home:

Walker A: Emmitt, Bentley, Madeline

Walker B: Evie, Jae’c, Ashten

Walker C: Damian, Robert

Walker D: Jo, Oliver, Christian

Daycare: Camila

YMCA: Lailah

Bus: Amelia, Madison, Gianni

Car Rider: Malachi, Soraya, Corlia

Thank you so much! I hope you had a good day. Please let me know if there were any problems or concerns.