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How to Earn Points
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Strategy Board Games League

Welcome to Season 3 of our Strategy Board Games League!
Collect points weekly by playing from a list of Strategy Board Games in our collection.

The winner will receive a $200 Board Game Shopping Spree

from Bower Ponds Recreation!

How to Earn Points


Players will receive 5 points for attending.

Players will receive 5 points for referring new friends who attend and sign up for league*.

Players will receive 1 point per visit for each above friend who visits again*.
Points for a referral’s attendance are capped per season.

Unique Games & Unique People

Players will receive 2 points for every unique game they complete.

Players will receive 2 points for every unique player they play with.

Playing & Winning Board Games

Players will receive points for playing games based on their placement.
We use a performance multiplier that considers a game’s difficulty and length of play when awarding points.

Example: 4 Player Game of Catan | Easy, 45 Minutes

1st place - 3.58 points | 2nd place - 2.68 points | 3rd place - 1.79 points | 4th place - 0.89 points

Example: 4 Player Game of Scythe | Hard, 150 Minutes

1st place - 9.68 points | 2nd place - 7.26 points | 3rd place - 4.84 points | 4th place - 2.42 points

For co-op games, if you win, all players receive 3 points.
If you lose, all players receive 1 point.

Please Note

Bower Ponds Recreation reserves the right to add alternative ways to earn points at any time they see fit such as, but not limited to, extra game nights, playing a specific game, teaching new players, etc.  Bower Ponds Recreation also reserves the right to add/remove any game at any time from the league’s game list.

All points are tracked through the reporting of completed strategy board games on our league’s game list.  All game standings must be reported by both winning and losing players  immediately following completion; results that are not immediately reported do not award any points.