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Cedarville Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services for 2021-2022
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Cedarville SD Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services for 2021-2022

COVID QUARANTINE  Addendum: Quarantine for persons identified as a Probable Close Contact (PCC) and who live in a household with a person who has tested positive.

PCCs living with a person who has tested positive are required to quarantine during the time that the positive person is quarantined in the household. Beginning on the sixth day of that quarantine or on the final day that the positive is symptomatic, the PCC begins their individual five day personal quarantine. To be clear, the PCC is eligible to return to school wearing a mask on the sixth day after the last day of exposure to a positive tested individual who's symptoms have subsided.

The quarantine process begins anew every time the PCC is exposed to a person who has tested positive for the virus.  If you have questions please contact the school district prior to sending students or returning to school. Thank you for your help and patience!'

Effective January 6, 2022 the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) modified the requirements related to quarantining of individuals infected with or exposed to COVID.

NOW individuals who have tested positive for COVID and individuals identified as probable close contacts (PCC) are required to quarantine for five (5) days. ALL positive and PCCs are required to wear a mask for the 5 days following quarantine. Failure to wear a mask during the 5 days following quarantine will require a return to quarantine for the remainder of the original ten (10) days.

Positive individuals are required to quarantine for 5 days or for twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of symptoms including fever. Individuals who have tested positive are required to wear a mask for 5 days following quarantine.

Individuals identified as PCCs are required to quarantine for 5 days and wear a mask for the first five days following quarantine. If a PCC develops symptoms or tests positive, the entire quarantine process begins anew.

*Updated September 29, 2021

Cedarville School District reviewed its plan (see below) for safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services on September 28, 2021, during a Ready For Learning Committee meeting that was held both on-site and virtually. During this open meeting, participants reviewed the plan and the use of ARP ESSER funds. Survey and stakeholder feedback recommended the continued use of current policies. A need for additional student mental health wellness support was determined from the survey results. Administration agreed and stated they would research various ways to add support through the use of ARP ESSER funds for all students, especially the underserved.


Updated August 11, 2021

LINK to COVID-19 Information on the Arkansas Department of Education (DESE) webpage

LINK to the AR Ready for Learning page that contains current guidance to schools

Cedarville School District will reopen August 16, 2021 to onsite learning using guidance from our Ready for Learning Committee, the Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Department of Education. We will continue preventative measures to the extent practical to mitigate the likelihood of COVID-19 spread inside our schools.

Cedarville School District will be practicing preventative measures such as appropriate masking, physical distancing, screening, testing, ventilation, handwashing and respiratory etiquette, staying home when sick and getting tested, contact tracing in combination with quarantine and isolation, and cleaning and disinfection to the extent practical.

More detailed guidance can be found in the Arkansas Ready for Learning Guidance for Schools at this LINK.


Cedarville Schools will adhere to the CDC’s recommendations and encourage the use of mask/face coverings:

Masks/Face Coverings As updated on August 4, 2021, CDC guidance states, “When teachers, staff, and students consistently and correctly wear a mask, they protect others as well as themselves. Consistent and correct mask use is especially important indoors and in crowded settings, when physical distancing cannot be maintained.” The CDC currently recommends the following regarding the wearing of masks in school settings:

Indoors. CDC recommends indoor masking for all individuals age 2 years and older, including students, teachers, staff, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.

 ● Outdoors. In general, people do not need to wear masks when outdoors. CDC recommends that people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings or during activities that involve sustained close contact with other people. Fully vaccinated people might choose to wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings if they or someone in their household is immunocompromised.

CSD will continue to promote physical distancing and follow CDC recommendations which include schools maintain:

● at least 3 feet of physical distance between students within classrooms, and

● at least 6 feet between students and adults, and between adults who are not fully vaccinated.

Sanitation and cleanliness will be a high priority for our district as we return in the fall. We will be cleaning high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, etc.) and restrooms continuously throughout the day. In addition, we will provide time for handwashing, and hand sanitizer is available throughout all campuses. Students are asked to sanitize their hands each time they leave and enter a space.

Teachers and staff will continue to train and promote sneezing/coughing into one’s elbow, using tissues and throwing them away, and washing/sanitizing hands after touching your nose or mouth. Social distancing will be encouraged as well.

Staff is provided additional cleaning supplies to continue with current sanitation procedures even though CDC now states:

“The virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces. It’s possible for people to become infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes. In most situations, the risk of infection from touching a surface is low. The most reliable way to prevent infection from surfaces is to regularly wash hands or use hand sanitizer.  Link to CDC website on Cleaning Your Facility

Individuals who have attended school and have tested positive for COVID-19, will continue to be subject to the established reporting procedures and will be required to quarantine. The district POC (point of contact) should be notified when an individual who has been attending school has tested positive for COVID-19. The district POC will contact the Arkansas Department of Health to facilitate notification of identified close contacts and to clarify required quarantine parameters.

Cedarville POC: Kerry Schneider 479.474.7220, 479.629.3946 ADH Hotline: 1.800.803.7847

The CDC defines a close contact as an individual confirmed to have been within six feet for 15 cumulative minutes or longer within a 24-hour period during the infectious period of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.


  1.  Individuals who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered and who are subsequently exposed to someone with COVID-19 within three months of their original diagnosis do not have to stay at home or get tested again, as long as they do not develop new symptoms. Individuals who develop symptoms again within three months of their first instance of COVID-19 should see their physician as they may need to be tested again if there is no other cause identified for their symptoms.

  1. Individuals exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 will not need to be quarantined if they have no symptoms and both the infected and exposed individual consistently and correctly were wearing a mask.  

  1. Individuals who are fully vaccinated may not have to quarantine.


If schools close again, the schools will pivot from onsite learning to remote/virtual learning. Instruction continues the next day. When schools must move from onsite to remote, Google Classroom will be used as the platform for disseminating instructional information, assessments, and assignments for all students K-12. Teachers will use a meeting platform to provide live lessons. Students will learn how to use the platforms by participating in lessons throughout the week while at school. This approach will allow students who might be ill or quarantined for a limited amount of time to continue their education even if they are not physically present in the classroom. Videos on how to use Google Classroom and the meeting platform will be provided to parents so they will be able to support their child/ren during closures. Students should check their email and Google Classroom daily as directed by the teacher.

To view Cedarville Public Schools Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Application Approval please click on this link.

The district will follow the latest requirements from the ADH in regards to screening staff and students. Parents should screen their children prior to school, and if they suspect their child is sick or showing any symptoms, keep them at home. If a student comes to school sick, the school nurse will screen them and check their temperature. If the temperature is over the ADH guidance, the student will be sent home, and we will follow the latest guidance from ADH before returning to school.


Students who are ages 12 and older are now eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccination.

Most local pharmacies have vaccines readily available.

Fully-vaccinated students or staff do not need to quarantine if deemed close contacts unless

they have/develop symptoms.

Proper distancing and sanitation will be in place to protect all students, especially those who are at a higher risk of infection. Students with underlying health conditions as defined by the CDC may be eligible for virtual learning. For more information, the student's parent can contact the building principal.

 During AMI days, the special education teacher will prepare packets which correspond with each special education student's IEP goals. Instructional materials will be relevant to current instruction. The special education teacher will have set up either school email or Google Classroom so the students can interact with the teacher. In addition, all instructional staff and contracted therapists will be available by telephone, text, district messaging system of voice and text, Google Meet and on-site meetings to best facilitate the needs of individual students during

all AMI days. If the district is aware of approaching bad weather and there is time to prepare, the teachers will send home classwork and be available to answer student questions. PT, Speech and OT providers have been contacted and the following service options will be made available to each student who receives services. PT and OT services will be available through teletherapy when circumstances permit. Therapists will provide AMI packets with activities for students to do which match IEPs.

The district POC will contact the Arkansas Department of Health to facilitate notification of identified close contacts and to clarify required quarantine parameters.

Cedarville POC: Kerry Schneider 479.474.7220, 479.629.3946 ADH Hotline: 1.800.803.7847 The school Wellness Center Coordinator and school nurses will continuously coordinate with local and state health officials to provide current recommendations.