Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 12/13/2018

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


  1. Call to Order-Called to order by John @ 6:33pm
  1. Roll Call: John Bannon, Melissa Perrino, Marissa Selleck; Suzy Buckley @ 6:48pm
  2. Discussion of Agenda: Additions & Deletions: 2. LMHUUD School Board Meeting of 12/12/2018 to III. Business-A. Updates

1. Free Fundraising Software via Melissa added to III. Business-B. Discussion

II. Approval of Minutes

             A. 11/15/2018: Postpone, abbreviated synopsis to follow

             B. 11/29/2018: Motion made by Melissa, 2nd by Marissa; Passed

III. Business

             A. Updates

                1. Meeting With Vail North East COO Doug Pierini, Via Melissa & Marissa:

                Introductory meeting, explained our goal to transition BR into an

                Independent School from a public school; about to begin our fundraising

                campaign; provide a local secondary school for Mt. Holly & Ludlow

                students and beyond; creating many collaborations; offered concept of

                Resort Community Relations Committee where town and mountain work

                together to find common goals and support one another-COO involved

                in similar group at previous location for Vail (Kirkwood in Lake Tahoe),

                well received, to follow up on with COO sooner rather than later.

                2. LMHUUD School Board Meeting 12-12-2018 via Marissa: Big

                discussion on logistics of retaining BRHSMS building, & which route

                is most feasible to allow it to be available to say the Independent School

                asap (if it makes more sense for School Board or Town to take ownership)

                & to follow up on next steps to figure this out.

                        *Next LMHUUD Meeting is 01-09-2019 @ Mt. Holly Elementary

                        School 6-8pm

            B. Discussion

                1. Free Fundraising Software: Reviewed email with suggestions from         

                fundraising consultant; Melissa looked into a few, suggested Bloomerang

                *To follow up on

                2. Finalizing Letter: Had peer review the letter, reported back it looked

                good to go!  Group adjusted letter to try several different color additions

                logo placement-make sure aesthetically as well as professionally it’s all

                set; will reach out to designer for assistance to add enough color

                (font-wise for heading) and it reads properly.

                3. Dates/Times to Meet for Leg Work Mailing Meeting: Agreed on January

                10th, 2019.  Same place & time.  Must be done first half of January.

                4. Fundraising Campaigning Process-Next Steps: Outline of book from

                fundraising consultant.

                        a. Public Outreach/Calendar: Settled on Volunteer Request to help

                        with leg work for letter mailings: “Call for Volunteers!”

                        -Brief Facebook update

IV. Public Comment: N/A

V. Next Scheduled Meeting, Due to Holidays, & Suggested Items

Break through holidays; regroup January 10th, 2019: MAILING WORK MEETING

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by John at 8:10pm