DATE: 12 February 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Jackie van Deventer, Lourens de Lange, Asaph Jeka, Carol Lindeque, Frieda van Niekerk, Cornelia Mol, and Charlotte von Stade


AGENDA:           1.            INTRODUCTION

                            2.            GOALS AND PLANNING

3.            STATISTICS

4.            KG INTEGRATION

5.            KG TRAINING

6.            OTHER MATTERS

7.            CONCLUSION



1.             INTRODUCTION


Hugo says that when we read Ephesians, we see how Paul's messages progresses:

1)             being seated in Christ

2)             walking with Christ

3)             our position in Christ

4)             we are the temple of the Holy Spirit

5)             family and practical relationships

6)             we are one body that builds up each other

7)             we are the army of God.


The single verb that defines Kingdom Global is "advancing".

Advancing what?  The Kingdom of God.

The space? Globally.

We build world a wide family-army. We begin with darkness, and then the light comes until the light covers the whole earth.

The temple of God consists not of a single person, we are all living stones. Together, in unity, all saints both in heaven and earth, makes up the temple. We have passionate calling to build up the temple of God.


2.             GOALS AND PLANNING


Our goal is to have South Africa mapped out by the end of this week. We want printed lists of all areas zones, etc for the country.

What needs to be done in next 4 days?

Elias says we have identified 508 areas in Gauteng which are divided into 5 districts               





West Rand


Asaph: In each zone there are communities and there are a total of 268 communities in Ekuruhleni and Sedibeng. All this information is available on the Master list as well.

Limpopo must still be opened and Asaph will continue with Gauteng.


Gauteng is defined up to Zone level. Elias expects figures to reach 5000 groups. What we do for Gauteng needs to be done in every other province and we need people to define these areas.

Limpopo and North-West Province have been defined, the information just needs to be uploaded.


Hugo says we need to plan in such a way that all the figures are available on Fridays so that it can be digested over the weekend and the information is ready for the meeting on Mondays.  Hugo wants a coordinated picture of figures between Asaph, Hardus and Elias.   Elias and Lourens will then coordinate the information between them.


Hardus has done lot of work on Africa. All countries have a Kingdom Global group opened for them.


With regard to the Facebook programme, Following like, Asaph and Lourens must both be able to work the programme.


3.             STATISTICS


Last week 34 people joined 24 Kingdom Global communities on Facebook in Gauteng. There are still a lot of people who joined but are not yet recorded.

The total number of activated Whatsapp groups in Africa is 271 and 35 for other countries. That gives a total of 306 groups outside of South Africa.

Lourens added one Facebook group this week namely Songloed, near Klerksdorp. People there need someone to minister to them.


Hugo says we must focus on finding Kingdom Community Coordinators (KCC's) in the East and West Cape. Hennie and Heidi say many people in their area are Afrikaans speaking, but we don't want only an Afrikaans group because it excludes all other people who don't speak Afrikaans. If we have an Afrikaans group, there must also be an English group.

Facebook groups must be opened before a Whatsapp group for a particular community.


By Friday Hugo wants printed lists of all provinces, areas, regions and zones. We open up groups while already seeing in the spirit the day of fulfilment when there will be Kingdom Communities everywhere.


Tembisa should be area with different zones. Elias asks what defines a zone. Asaph says that we could use the divisions already defined by Government and that we must divide each zone in Kingdom Communities. Eventually every Kingdom Community will have its own worship meeting.


Elias says we should use the actual name for an area that Government uses, otherwise people are going to become confused. Asaph says we can also identify clusters of people who can come together and those will then be the zones.


Hardus says we must first get all the information and then we can refine it further. Elias says we need to be able to tell others what a zone looks like, e.g. we can use a compass and divide an area in North, South, East and West. A zone can then for instance be called Tembisa North Kingdom Community.


The size of a city determines on what level we put it. Asaph says that they need an example in order to update their lists.  Elias says he has demarcated Johannesburg Central. North of that is, e.g. Zone 1.


Carol says that the word "zones" can bring confusion because some areas are divided into zones, others not.  Hugo says a cluster of communities is a zone.


Lourens says that the ward system that all areas are divided into, will solve all our problems. Each ward already has a leader, so we know who to approach in that area. If we use a few wards that could form a zone. If we have list of wards, then we also have list of zones. Wards are part of a Metropolis or Area or Municipality. Municipalities form a Region and Regions form a Province. There are 9 Provinces, 44 Regions, 266 Areas and 4392 Wards or Zones.


Hugo says we need to have these Zones mapped out by Friday. All of these are empty vessels we put out. Imagine the day we have a key person in every zone. This gives work for every Christian in the country. We will see how we can bring this into companies which will make money and resources start circulating in that community and keep and create wealth in that community, empowering them.  This will cause the spiritual principle to translate into the physical.



4.             KG INTEGRATION


Cornelia says that the system works well. She has sent a personal welcome message to all people who have joined communities since the beginning of the year and has also sent each a personal message. She has had one positive response from lady at OR Tambo. This could lead to a personal meeting.



5.             KG TRAINING


Hardus sends training messages to 100+ people.

Lourens can extract training videos to audio and then send it to Hardus to distribute. Lourens can compress files to make the size smaller. People can then be given a choice between audio and video.

We must make the teachings available on the website so people who join later can also listen to it. Lourens can record the messages on Facebook and then upload it to YouTube and from there convert it to audio.



5.             OTHER MATTERS


Verticals: Although Cornelia is not tasked with welcoming people who join any of the verticals, she has to know when people joins and also has to know who the responsible person for each vertical is.


We need volunteers to open Facebook groups for us. The Admins of the Facebook groups are Hugo, Asaph, Hardus and Cornelia.


Elias asks if Cornelia can group the different Kingdom Communities according to their provinces.

We have to go through the groups and identify people who post regularly on a group. This person might be a Kingdom Community Coordinator.

We have to go through groups, id people who regularly post, possible KCC.


A friend of Hugo, Pieter Aucamp, does racing in his spare time. They have a Facebook group Race Nation Kingdom Community. They have 396 active Whatsapp groups and 100 Kingdom Communities


The next thing on our agenda will be to start visiting people.  That will be where the physical ministry starts.


Where we see a need on Facebook, we must post messages to people or get someone to do it.


Cornelia says Jurie from Lewende Woord Silverlakes is hosting a crusade in Soshanguve. Cornelia asked him if we could join them. Hugo says we will join with the purpose to follow up and establish Kingdom Communities after the crusade.


Hardus says Ps. Felix from the DRC is coming to South Africa and wants to visit Kingdom Global. He asked if we could send him an invitation.

Hugo says that we cannot do that, because if we send him an invitation, it has financial implications - we take responsibility for him.


Elias asks Carol if Kingdom Global would be able to advertise on the programmes she broadcasts.  Carol says no, but she will get people from Kingdom Global to host on these programmes.



7.             CONCLUSION


The meeting is closed by corporate prayer and having communion.