Alejandro Solano


Week 14 Reflection

        This week has a real hard one due to a lot of testing and a lot of internship preparation. Testing this week was alright but the main source of stress for me was internship preparation. I say this because my mentor really doesn’t like to email me back within a reasonable amount of time and I wait for around 2 weeks until I get a response. The testing was alright mainly due to the fact that I studied a lot for it and also made the study guide the best that I could. It did however help a lot because I got a 32 out of 35 which is a score I am happy with. I feel like in life, you can’t get them all but you can always try your best.

        For internships, I will definitely try my best everyday no matter how my mood is just to set the bar for myself. I will always try to do a better job everyday to make sure that my mentor sees that I am a hard worker. :)