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Herbal Goodness ensures  all wholesalers, ingredient and product manufacturers and distributors  who purchase our ingredients [collectively known as "Wholesalers"], do not utilize those ingredients to develop products that will be in direct competition with our finished products sold directly to consumers. This ensures we are not competing with ourselves and our wholesalers.

Herbal Goodness will restrict and limit the scope of use of its ingredients in finished products production to include but not limited to:

Herbal Goodness reserves the right to refuse to sell our ingredient to any Wholesaler if we deem that such a transaction will be detrimental to our success in the marketplace.

Wholesalers who have any questions or doubts about whether a planned manufactured product complies with this agreement must contact Herbal Papaya, LLC. at 800-820-4829 or email sales@herbalgoodnessco.com for guidance and final approval.