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Cultural Cuisine Contest
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Cultural Cuisine Contest

What is it?

So what is this contest all about? We are eager to learn all about dishes around the world that symbolises their culture. Help spread the word of a dish unique to your culture.

How do I enter?

Participating in this event is quite simple:

  1. Take a picture of a dish, which reflects your culture.
  2. Open the Google Form link and follow the given instructions.
  3. Wait for us to post the results.

How much time do I have?

Make sure you post your submission before August the 18th.

What’s in it for me?

There is a prize pool available for the top 2 users:


  • Custom PS! avatar
  • Custom PS! name colour

The winner gets to pick first, the other prize will go to number 2.

What should I NOT do?

Keep into mind that the food image must exclusively be taken by you. If you are caught submitting an image from the internet, you will be disqualified and be barred from future contests. You will also be subject to punishments by either Cosmopolitan and The Cafe to their discretion.

What if I have any questions?

Regarding questions it’s best to reach out to the hosts (#deetah, #Sunny, #Gimm1ck or #Zalm). They are often found in The Cafe and Cosmopolitan rooms.

Who will decide the winners?

In order to keep things fair, we assembled a team of judges from both The cafe and Cosmopolitan. They will vote for the first round of judging. After gathering those votes every other user (including you) will get a chance to vote for the final winners out of the pool selected by the staff members.