The people of the planet Gleep mine flerkus, a precious mineral used to power their brain-engines. The Gleeps want you to help design new flerkus carriers for their miners (like backpacks).

Gleeps like when shapes have both curved and flat surfaces (don’t ask, it’s just how they are), so design your carrier to include both polyhedrons and circular solids.

Gleeps are about six sneeps tall (that’s about the height of my belt from the ground), and they’re very weak, so they can’t carry heavy loads. Make sure your carrier would fit into a 1-sneep cube (the size of the Gleeps’ lockers at the flerkus mine) so that it won’t be too heavy for the puny Gleeps.

Flerkus nuggets are about the size and weight of a grain of rice, but they’re incredibly valuable (like a million space bucks for a cubic sneep) because they’re the only substance in the know universe that can power a Gleepan brain-engine. Make sure you design a carrier that can carry a lot of flerkus.

Flerkus carriers must be lined with blamium to protect the precious cargo from cosmic rays. Blamium is super expensive (it’s like 10000 space bucks for a square sneep). Keep the surface area of your flerkus carrier as small as possible to keep the costs down.

Your job:

1. Prepare a design clearly showing how to calculate the surface area and volume of your flerkus carrier. Include a discussion of the cost of the blamium lining compared to the revenue earned from the flerkus in a load.

2. Predict how much flerkus your carrier will hold (weight, in grams), and how much blamium you’ll need to cover it (surface area, in square centimeters).

3. Prepare a 3D model of your flerkus carrier for product testing. We’ll fill it with flerkus and cover it with blamium to test your predictions when we’re done.

This is an awesomeness project, so there are 5 points available

1. Design (on paper): Clear model and calculations for surface area and volume.

2. Design includes discussion of costs versus revenue.

3. Model meets requirements: fits within a cubic sneep, has curved and flat surfaces.

4. Predictions for weight and surface area are within 20% of the actual weight of flerkus and surface area of your carrier.

5. Wild card- Make your project awesome! Draw a Gleep, write a song/poem/story about the plight of the noble flerkus miners, make a short comic describing how the brain-engines work, etc. Have some fun!