Radek: Today we are going to analyse the website for Pop punk band Green Day.

The first thing that stood out to me was the hero shot which features all of the band members, who are wearing all wearing a priest costume. The style of the image is similar to that of a stain glass window which has connotations of religion, this theme is backed up the clothes the band are wearing in the image. This is contrasted by the rebellious tattoo’s and informal poses, indicating that they are from the punk genre. With such poses, it mocks the clergy and all it stands for, again a connotation of indie rock genre, authority being ridiculed and scrutinised.The costumes also have connotations of the band being preachers of the truth. This is further emphasized by the subtitle of the leaderboard: “God’s favourite band”.   The leaderboard has a serif typeface, further indicating of that they are a band of quality, however this contrasted by the bigger text, its broken up, a font common in the punk genre. The website uses convergent links which allows the people who view the website to find the band in other places and allows them to communicate with them and once again keep up to date with what the band are doing. This is a conventional feature of a music artists website, another conventional feature is the convergent links for the audience to download and stream the bands music. This is also conforms to the Social Interaction of Uses and Gratification, as the convergent links allow fans to discuss about their favourite band Green Day.

Matthieu: The background of the website is of stained glass, a common feature in churches. However it’s rusted and eroded, suggesting a breaking down of it symbolises, the church and clergy. Breaking down authority is again a them which is conventional of the punk genre. By creating an identifiable brand, fans can easily attach themselves to the band and its brand. The website has managed to to fulfill the personal identity of Uses and Gratification as it offers fans of Green Day the opportunity to buy merchandise and the bands music, it also has a section which highlights tour dates and allows fans to keep upto date with when the band goes on tour. Being clear that the band is criticizing authority and society, it's easy to see a personal identity being attached to this band and it’s fans. The website also achieves its aim to entertain, this has achieved by the inclusion of the music video, which also creates the image of the band. In the video, the band begins by living the American Dream but when they are sold glasses which reflect the truth which is being covered up by propaganda they stand-up for what they believe in and stop the president lying to the country. This reflects the bands values which allows the website to achieve another one of its aims to educate the viewer about the band and what they do and their values.

Radek: In terms of information part of the Uses and Gratifications, much of it is told via the imagery. The band is obviously a punk band due to its imagery. Information for tour dates and merchandise is clearly present, although its below the fold. The information is aspect of is fulfilled.