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September 16, 2019 BOE Regular Minutes
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September 16, 2019

Zeeland West High School Cafeteria

3390 100th Avenue

6:00 PM



PRESENT:           Board of Education: Todd Brennan, Linda Bush, Rick Dernberger, Tom DenHerder, April DeWitt, Ron Scott

                            Administrators: Cal DeKuiper, Brandi-Lyn Mendham, Lynn VanKampen, Jon Voss

ABSENT:             Board of Education: Mark Snyder

GUESTS:             Bonnie Schuitema, Mary Kraai, American Legion Auxiliary


I.           CALL TO ORDER:    6:01PM                                Rick Dernberger            

A.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                                                           Cal De Kuiper

B.   RECOGNITION                        

The Board recognized three seniors who attended Girls State held at MSU in Lansing over the summer.  Mary Kraai introduced Madelyn Ritsema (ZE), Laura Prince (ZE) and Rebecca Mitchell (ZW); the girls gave a brief explanation of their experiences and offices held.

Bonnie Schuitema introduced the women from the American Legion Auxiliary and the board thanked them for their involvement in Girls and Boys State over the years, as well as the Poppy poster and Americanism Essay Contests.

Bonnie Schuitema introduced Mary Joe Perkins, Creekside 8th grader,  who was recognized for being the district (Kent & Ottawa) and local winner in the Americanism Essay Contest.

C.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:                                           




Recognition, thanks and congratulations to Dave Meeuwsen for leading the state on the electric bus grant.






A.          Minutes of the August 18, 2019 regular board meeting were approved.


B.      Approved bills paid as of August 2019.  Checks #129372-129625


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:              $1,264,334.77

PAYROLL:                                  $3,397,255.62

TOTAL:                                   $4,661.590.39

C.        New Teacher Approval

Martha Martinez-Elias (WMU/        Lincoln - SI                BA-2                .55 FTE

        Teacher of Tomorrow)

Tom DenHerder moved and Ron Scott supported the motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.


VOTE: All yes (6)

V.             DISCUSSION

        A.    State Assessment Results & Professional Learning Communities -  

Brandi-Lyn Mendham presented to the Board of Education the state assessment results from spring 2019 testing, which were released by the State of Michigan on August 29.  Dr. Mendham also provided an update on the current district focus of implementing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

B.    Quincy GEO/HVAC  - Lynn VanKampen, Chief Financial Officer

The current HVAC system is 19 years old and although the geothermal fields are in great shape, the original pumps are failing and currently working at about 50 percent capacity.  Since this is considered an emergency replacement, no bid process was required.  The district requested quotes from four companies and received two responses. DHE Plumbing & Mechanical was the low bid at $146,396; funding source for this cost will  be the 2015 Bond Uncommitted funds. Lead time is 6-8 weeks for installation.


VI.           ACTION:


Tom DenHerder moved and Todd Brennan supported the motion to approve the bid by DHE Plumbing and Mechanical in the amount of $146,396 for replacement of the HVAC Pump at Quincy Elementary.

VOTE: All Yes (6)



Tom DenHerder moved and Ron Scott supported the motion to select four voting delegates Tom DenHerder, Ron Scott, Rick Dernberger, and Linda Bush, and three alternate voting delegates Todd Brennan, April DeWitt, and Mark Snyder to represent the Zeeland Public Schools Board of Education at the 2019 MASB Delegate Assembly on Friday, November 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the Grand Traverse Resort.


VOTE: All yes (6)




A.          Zeeland Education Foundation Update - Tom DenHerder updated the board on ZEF happenings.  Executive Directors, Sarah Stevens and Nikki Kleinheksel, created a flyer with information regarding the foundation; they are currently working on a promo video to get the word out as well.  They attended the MEF and brought back some great information to implement in the district.  They are currently working on this year’s Fowl Play event, and meeting with several new donors.

B.        Enrollment Update - 6,312 students are currently enrolled according to the office staff of each building on 9/16/19; this does not include shared time students. 

C.        Reading Now Network - Cal De Kuiper, Holly Boehle and Brandi Mendham are attending the superintendent conference in Traverse City and have been asked to be part of a panel discussion for the Reading Now Network.  

D.        Rick Dernberger recognized Cal De Kuiper for his opening day presentation, which excited and energized the teaching staff for the new school year.


 The regular meeting of September 16, 2019 adjourned at 7:04 P.M.