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        DAISY PULLS IT OFF                Supporting        Walter Gloor Mainstage

        JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH        Supporting        Walter Gloor Mainstage

        THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (x2)        Lead, Director        SUNY Fredonia

        THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (x2)        Ensemble Show        SUNY Fredonia

        WHO SHE WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE        Playwright, Lead        Subversive Theatre Collective 

        BANG, BANG, YOU’RE DEAD        Ensemble        Subversive Theatre Collective

        THE EAGLE AND THE DRAGON        Lead        Subversive Theatre Collective

        I’M BEAUTIFUL!        Co-Playwright, Supporting        Ujima Theatre Company

        HAMLET        Supporting        B.A.V.P.A.

        THE PINBALLS                Lead        B.A.V.P.A.

        NUMBER THE STARS                Lead        B.A.V.P.A.

        NOW LET ME FLY                Supporting        B.A.V.P.A.

        ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST        Supporting        B.A.V.P.A.

        VIOLET                Supporting        B.A.V.P.A.

        ONCE ON THIS ISLAND                Ensemble        B.A.V.P.A.

        ANYTHING GOES                Lead        Elmwood Franklin

        SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL        Jr.        Supporting        Elmwood Franklin

        SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE! Jr.        Ensemble Show        Elmwood Franklin

        FRIGHTWORLD                Scare Actor        FrightWorld, Tonawanda

On Camera        

        48 Hour Film Festival (‘15)                       Lead                Backseat Magic Productions

        48 Hour Film Festival (‘14)                       Lead         Best Film/Best Song Winner        Backseat Magic Productions

        50 Hour Fredonia Film Festival (‘18)     Lead         Best Use of Prop Winner        GEO-9 Productions

        Tyra Banks Show                                       Extra                Warner Brothers TV Distribution

        The Romans                                               Extra                Black Rose Films


        Edict Zero FIS        Supporting/Multiple Roles        Jack Kincaid, Slipgate 9 Entertainment

        Nightmare Magazine | Lightspeed Magazine        Narrator        Stefan Rudnicki, Skyboat Media

        Jamdora Radio        Co-Host, Co-DJ        W.C.V.F, 88.9, Fredonia Campus Radio

Training and Education

        SUNY Fredonia                                                                                      BFA Acting Degree | BS Comm. Video Prod. Degree

        Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (B.A.V.P.A.)             Theatre Diploma | Regents Diploma

Acting:  Tom Loughlin: Shakespeare; Ted Sharon: Theatre, On Camera; Jessica Hillman McCord: Meisner, Musical Theatre Dr. James Ivey: Character Acting, Directing, Dialect; Lorna C. Hill: Theatre, Musical Theatre, Playwriting; Kelly Beuth: Theatre, Playwriting, Stanislavski; T.O.Y. Theatre Co.: Musical Theatre; Bob Rusch: Scene Study           (10 years)

Voice:      Ted Sharon: Linklater technique; Sarah Labuke: Belt, Lucille Susan, George Davis: General Voice      (8 years)

Camera:  Mark Kiyak, Jane Jackson, Roslin Smith, Jamshid Vafai, Ted Sharon, Gary Puffpaff                                  (7 years)

Special Skills

Valid US and UK Passport/Citizenship, US Driver’s License; Video/Post Producer (Film & Her Festival choice, Best Film award winner at NYSSA Film Festival.) Great with kids, theatre camp counselor; Stage Combat (Past certification in Unarmed, Single Sword, and Rapier/Dagger;) Skilled with British and Southern Dialect; Can solve Rubik’s Cube; Juggle; Proficient Knitter; Rudimentary carpentry and sewing skills; Can recite 190 digits of Pi.