JFC Round 2 Bhulf Tón 1  10 Scrín 2  09

Bective on Saturday 21st April 2018

This was a very closely contested game played in ideal conditions with the outcome in doubt to the very end. Bhulf Tón held a four point lead at half time on a score-line of 1  05 to 0  04, the goal being the most significant score of the half. It was a brilliantly worked team goal coming at the end of a slick handpassing move right through the heart of Skrynes’ defence involving several Tones’ players, Brughach O Fionnagain Davy Coleman Caolán ward and Cillian O Brien all handled the ball during the move which was started in midfield by Brughach O Fionnagain, who was also on hand to finish the ball to the net. The goal came after 10 minutes and put the Tones in front 1  01 to 0  02. This was a lead they would hold until the 48th minute. Tones opening score had come from wingback Davy Coleman who drove forward to finish off Tones opening attack of the game. The ever lively Thomas Blaney scored an excellent individual point while Caolán Ward had added three points to the tally (two frees).

Tones had a numerical advantage for most of the second half as Skryne midfielder Aidan Tuite received a red card shortly after the interval. However they failed to make this advantage count and thanks to some unforced errors and a number of stray passes were only able to add one point to their tally (a pointed free from Caolán Ward in the 35th minute) between the 30th and 53rd minute. Meanwhile Skryne had gradually reeled their opponents in thanks to three frees early in the second half and when they goaled in the 50th minute they led by 1 07 to 1 06. Bhulf Tón responded well and seemed set for victory following a four point scoring burst (Davy Coleman, Davy O Neill, Mark Coleman and Alan Fox) to a solitary Skryne reply and led 1 10 to 1 08 with normal time elapsed. However the Oristown Kilberry men were unable to hold out and conceded 1 01 in added time. The goal was a killer blow coming when it seemed that Tones had done enough to merit victory.

Most prominent for Bhulf Tón were Davy Coleman, Brughach O Fionnagáin, Mark Coleman, Caolán Ward.  

Bhulf Tón: Luke Condi, Alan Mc Keever, Ciarán Mc Loughlin, Oisín Mac Ghinneartaí, Davy Coleman, Brughach O Fionnagáin, Alan Lynam, Alan Callaghan, Mark Coleman (0  01),  Eanna O Kelly Lynch, Cillian O Brien, Caolán Ward (0  04, 3F), Thomas Blaney (0  01), Davy O Neill (0  01), Alan Fox (0  01)

Subs Gary Mc Fadden for Éanna O Kelly Lynch (20), Éanna O Kelly Lynch for Alan Lynam (50)Aonghus Mc Loughlin for Gary Mc Fadden (53)