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Orpheum Children's Photo and Video Disclaimer
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Orpheum Children's Photo and Video Disclaimer

Each person entering the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum (the “Museum” or OCSM) grants the Museum the right to photography (and/or video and record) the likenesses and utterances of museum guests and program participants for use in the Museum’s promotional efforts and/or in conjunction with a television/newspaper publication.

All visitors to the Museum acknowledge that the Museum will be the sole owner of all rights in and to any photographs made in reliance.

By entering the museum you release, on behalf of your child and yourself, the Museum and its employees, agents, legal representatives and assigns from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which you or your child now have or may hereafter have, by reason of or as a result of my child’s participation in any photography session(s), filming or taping conducted by or on behalf of my child.

By entering the Museum, you waive on behalf of yourself and your child any rights to compensation of any kind by reason of the Museum’s use of photographs, videos or recordings of you or your children.

We at the Orpheum value privacy of guests and members therefore, we will honor any requests made by guests to refrain from taking any photos or videos of them.