Evalithia’s MapleStory 2 MIDI to MS2MML Guide :3

You will need:


Alternatively, go to https://musicalnexus.net/ and download MS2MML files directly and skip the MIDI part of this guide completely.

The sheet music meso cost is based on the character length of the song you’re trying to make and how many uses of the sheet music you want.

I recommend just getting 10 performances as you can just buy another one and open up the MS2MML file you saved, as you don’t get any discount for buying the 20-performances sheet.

The Music Score can hold up to 3000 characters. This means any additional code and not just only the number of musical notes.

The Intermediate Music Score can hold up to 5000 characters.

The Advanced Music Score can hold up to 10 000 characters, and may only be purchased when you have maxed out your play mastery.

Processing Your MIDI File

Press Ctrl+Shift+Y. This will compact the text for all tracks. So you only need to do this once for each 3MLE window.

In most places having the tempo marker only in the first track is fine, but for MapleStory 2 in particular, you need to have the tempo marker in each track or else the other tracks will become off beat.

However, the default tempo in MS2 is 120 BPM, so if your song is 120 BPM you don’t have to worry.

For all other cases, you will need to type t<xx> where <xx> is your tempo, at the beginning of each track. Make sure you are at the beginning as often times when you paste the information from another window, it will scroll down some.

Press Page Up a few times on each track tab before pasting just to be sure you’re at the beginning.

It doesn’t matter what’s melody and what’s harmony.

You cannot make edits but you can still save your MS2MML.

Keep in mind that only the creator of the score can open it to view the contents.

Have fun! :3