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NZ Fringe will run for three weeks from the 1 - 23  March 2019. A multi genre arts festival featuring over 1000 artists from around New Zealand and the world. It is an open access festival running since 1990 with over 700 events staged throughout the city.

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Contract Period: Part-time February - end March

Remuneration: $ 3,000 plus tickets to Fringe shows

As a Volunteer Coordinator you will be responsible for organising and managing the Volunteer Programme for NZ Fringe. Your main duties will be to recruit volunteers, schedule and organise the volunteer programme, and oversee the volunteers, ensuring they complete tasks as required. This includes especially to ensure that the volunteers feel welcome, valued and supported.

The role of the Volunteer Coordinator will report to the NZ Fringe Festival Manager, Festival Director and CEO of of Creative Capital Arts Trust. Our office is located on Taranaki St in downtown Wellington.