Surtaz Khan, President:

Surtaz Khan is a junior in the Gifted International Baccalaureate program at Interlake High School. He has been a part of Science Infinity for over five years, beginning his journey in this organization as a middle school student preparing for the National Science Bowl competition. Not only has Science Infinity enabled him to learn and now teach new, challenging concepts in various fields, but it has also given him the opportunity to grow his science expertise and achieve more both inside and outside of school. Having participated in the National Science Bowl competition for many years, he was finally able to showcase his growing expertise with his team members in the National competition held in Washington D.C. last year.


Gireesh’s Bio:

Gireesh is an junior at Lakeside High School. He very much enjoys teaching physics, and has taken both the physics AP’s and the subject SAT. He also enjoys the intersection between multivariable calculus and physics, thus is taking a “calculus based physics” course. He is peer tutoring physics and math at his school and the local library as well.