Historic 2020 Journal

5+ Entries per Week, Checked Every Friday for a Grade

Adapted from www.TeachingTraveling.com 

Instructions: It is extremely important for our mental health, as well as the world’s historic documentation, to be writing down what we are thinking, feeling, and doing every day during this unprecedented global event. For your “A+” please write at least a paragraph every weekday (with the correct date heading). You are welcome to write more.

Q: What should I write about in this diary?

A: You may choose any appropriate topic to write about. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by reality, feel free to write poetry or fiction instead, which can help you think through your emotions artistically. Frequently, I will post ideas for writing topics on Google Classroom, and you may choose to use those topics or just pick your own topics that inspire and interest you.

Q: Who will be reading this?

A: This diary will be private between you and your teacher. If there is information in it which needs urgent action to support your safety, we will reach out to services and people to help you. We understand these weeks may be challenging for many students, and will be in communication if concerns arise.

Q: Is there the option to discuss topics with classmates?

A: Every time I post a new discussion question on Google Classroom, you will have the option to copy and paste your diary response for it into the public group thread. Of course -- you are expected to be respectful, appropriate, and supportive to your classmates. Anyone showing disrespect will receive a zero for that week’s journal assignment, will be barred from posting, and will have their family contacted. In this historic time, it is of utmost importance that we be kind and supportive to all.

When you understand these instructions, you can copy and paste them to the bottom of this document so the most recent day of your journal is at the top.

_____________’s Historic 2020 Diary

Put more recent dates higher up so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to type new ones


Dear Diary,

3/15/2020 (Writing on Weekends is OPTIONAL):

Dear Diary,