Program Smash

Topic 6: Write a composition, the title is `Children today don`t play enough`. Do you agree or disagree? Add points FOR and AGAINST.

Topic 7: You are going to write a letter to a magazine on pets. What is your favourite pet and why? Describe it.

Topic 8: Describe schools in Poland. ( Discuss the school system, tests and examinations,homework,school subjects)

Topic 9: The perfect holidays

Topic 10: Describe a popular celebration in Poland


Program Beyond A2+

Topic 1 : Could you live without your mobile phone? (Use the correct word order)

Topic 2: My status update ( Use and, also, too)

Topic 3: A holiday story ( Write a story with time expressions)

Topic 4: My favourite recipe

Topic 5: A letter to myself in the future (informal letter)

Topic 6: You`ve got a problem: `I feel really tired all day`, ask for help (use conditional 0,1, should).

Topic 7: My week  (informal e-mail to friend)

Topic 8: The best film ever (blog post)



Topic 1 : A special object (description) Make a writing plan

Topic 2: Wish you were here (postcard)

Topic 3: My music (profile)

Topic 4: A poem about true friends

Topic 5: A place I really like (description)

Topic 6: We look forward to hearing from you ( letter and survey)

Topic 7: Telling tales (story)

Topic 8: School news (news story)

Joker Master

Topic 1 : An article about the history of a sport (about 130words)

Topic 2: You`re going to write an e-mail to a friend in New York who you haven`t written to for a long time

Topic 3: You are going to write a story about a personal experience with the title ‘Every cloud has a silver lining`

Topic 4: My job application (letter) applying for one job.

Topic 5: Review of a cultural event you`ve been to.

Topic 6: Essay about one topic: 1. People should lose their internet connection if they download music and films illegally. 2. All bullies should be expelled from school. 3. Phones should be banned from schools.

Topic 7: Create your poster about collecting money for the charity (Conditionals).

Topic 8: A description of your role model.

Topic 9: A report about the facility in your school.

Topic 10: Your friend is coming to stay in your house for a few days. Wriet an e-mail in response.


Good Luck! :)