Board Meeting

October 2nd, 2017 at 7:00pm

Division Midway Alliance

11721 SE Division Street, Portland Oregon 97266

Facilitator:        Richard Dickinson / Timothy Crawley

Minutes by:        Sarah Gitchell

Attendees:        Richard Dickinson, Timothy Crawley, Sarah Gitchell, Jody Folkedahl, Dolores Wood, Ron Swan, Shaina Boal, Megan Gorecki

Attachments:        9/11 Board Meeting Minutes

        EPAP letter to City Council re: Housing Bond

        LNA Safe Zone Ordinance Summary

                Letter to City - Template



  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting [attached]
  4. Open issues
  1. Finances
  1. Update on 501c4 / 501c3 status [Tim]
  2. 2017-2018 Allotment final updates/review - form due Oct 16
  1. Considering a membership drive [Ron]
  1. New business
  1. Logo contest
  1. Plan/framework for contest [Megan]
  2. Announce at Potluck?
  3. Hold viewing/voting at Arte Soleil?
  1. PGNA newsletter & website
  1. Divvy up unincorporated contacts from sign-in sheets; submit 2017 meeting documents to EPNO
  2. Assign content helpers for Sarah
  1. Website -- PG & board history, Neighborhood resources, more photos, anything else?
  2. Newsletter -- one-off community events and info, PG history corner?, other regular sections?
  1. Sarah donating iPad to Board - can use for meeting sign-ins / newsletter signups
  1. Festival of Nations follow-up
  2. Endorse/join Laurelhurst NA safety and livability coalition? [see attached]
  1. Ordinance would ban camping within 1,000 feet of any park, playground, athletic field or place where children congregate.  It will apply to the entire city of Portland
  1. Leach Garden fundraising - request for support - yea or nay?
  1. help boost the campaign via our newsletter/special update?
  1. November General Assembly
  1. Theme: Land use / Affordability / Gentrification
  2. Speakers
  1. Rep. Janelle Bynum asking for time - 10 mins for legislative update & questions, then request that she please stay for the conversation about the price of housing?
  2. David from PBOT is asking whether we want an update on the Safety Action Plan for Outer SE Division - may not fit with theme/have time [Richard]
  3. Leslie Lum - new East District Liaison for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability - invite?
  4. Chloe Eudaly - invite?
  5. MercyCorps  - Community Investment Trust around Plaza 122 and "Moving from Owing to Owning" classes - invite?
  1. only those in 97236 are able to participate, not 97266
  1. Cora Potter - invite?
  2. Trimet asking for time - Division Transit Project - Richard suggests instead advertising their three November outreach meetings on this same topic
  3. Lore Wintergreen of EPAP - strong advocate of affordable housing, but probably less so of increasing property values - invite? [see attached EPAP doc]
  4. Erin Lamb asking for 5 mins - new resident, interested in restoration and clean-up groups - would like to do mini-song/ theater piece about sustainability/ fun/ connecting (maybe something for Potluck?)
  5. Jo Ann Hardesty has requested time - running for city council - can this be accommodated w/out breaking political endorsement restrictions?
  1. Emilie Minney - concerns about Ed Benedict Park - Bring to a vote to write a letter to the city?
  1. December 11 Potluck
  1. Have four general themes prepared for 2018, ask people to tell us what those mean to them to help flesh out our plan/build quarterly meetings around that
  1. Support with email follow-up?
  1. Logo contest announcement?
  2. Proposed changes to event structure (e.g., music)
  3. Ideas for stepping up promotion/attendance
  1. 2018 Planning
  1. Annual action plan / content strategy for the board
  2. Add open community forum+city rep meetings in between quarterly themed meetings?
  3. Fix-It Fair
  4. Other questions or ideas?
  1. Schedule next one or two board meetings
  1.  Can we pursue meeting at Arte Soleil next board meeting? [Ron]
  1. Generate/review action items
  2. Other items?
  3. Adjournment