#199.5 - Into the Nexus: “Hot and Bothered”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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Blaze Releases

41% atm

Build has been quickly established

Blaze Balance Change lol


Malfurion Rework Releases As Is

Dev: While Malfurion has had many adjustments and talent shuffles over the past couple of years, his healing mechanics have stayed relatively straight-forward. The core kit changes in this rework are intended to make his gameplay a bit more active. Turning offensive pressure directly into healing output should reinvigorate Malfurion mains while also greatly raising his skill ceiling. We are very excited to see what you think and are actively listening for any and all feedback you have – Elune grant us strength!

January 9th Balance Patch

Devs: Regen Orbs are benefitting the team that is ahead too much.

Regeneration Globes


Devs: Pushing mechanics (Mercs and Map Events) are too strong. Game times are down on nearly all maps. Hellbats and Knights doing too well specifically.

Hellbats - Defender

Hellbats - Laner


Defender Mage -  Knight

Laner Mage - Knight

Warhead Junction Boss

Devs: Warhead boss too strong in the early and mid-game when combined with Nukes.

Slime Boss (Warhead Junction) - Laner

Base Spit impact damage reduced from 250 to 200 (-20%)

  • Scaling (Minutes 6-10)
    5 to 6.25%
  • Scaling (Minutes 11 -15) 6 to 7.25% (+20.8%)
  • Scaling (Minutes 16-20) 6 to 8.25% (+37.5%)

Base Spit ‘Damage over Time’ damage reduced from 150 to 120 (-20%)

  • Scaling (Minutes 6-10) 5 to 6.25% (+25%)
  • Scaling (Minutes 11 -15) 6 to 7.25% (+20.8%)
  • Scaling (Minutes 16-20) 6 to 8.25% (+37.5%)

Acid Trail Base damage reduced from 80 to 64 (-20%)

  • Scaling (Minutes 6-10)
    5 to 6.25%
  • Scaling (Minutes 11 -15) 6 to 7.25% (+20.8%)
  • Scaling (Minutes 16-20) 6 to 8.25% (+37.5%)


Devs: They overestimated the power of unlimited ammo. So they’re giving damage to Towers and Forts.



Towers of Doom

Ranked Battleground Rotation

Hero Balance


Scatter Arrow (W)

Devs: We’re reducing the spread of Scatter Arrows so that they’re more effective when opponents aren’t directly next to a wall, while also reducing the damage slightly to compensate.

Natural Agility (D)

Devs: We’ve increased the range of Natural Agility so that it will jump over a wider variety of terrain.

Level 7 - Shieldbreaker (Q)

Devs: We’ve also removed Shieldbreaker because we found that it required a very specific set of circumstances to be effective, but it was extremely powerful in those rare situations.

Level 7 - Sharpened Arrowheads (W)

We’ve moved Sharpened Arrowheads to replace it while changing its functionality to be more consistent in all situations.

Level 13 - Mounted Archery (Z)

Level 16 - Giant Slayer (W)

Level 20 - (New) Perfect Agility (D)


Devs: It’s nice to see that the recent changes to Nova have been so widely embraced by players. However, with the addition of some new escape tools and her ability to have multiple clones out at once, we feel like her damage potential against single targets is still a bit too high. Our data is showing that her talent tree is in a very good spot balance wise (besides a couple outliers, which you see here) so we are also lowering her base output and compensating by increasing Precision Sniper’s damage.



Devs: Samuro’s rework has put him in a good position regarding his talent pick and win rates, as well as his overall performance. In addition to some talent tuning changes, we decided to slightly increase his Health to compensate for the fact that he now has to put himself into dangerous positions much more often to deal damage.

Base Maximum Health increased from 1650 to 1725 (+4.5%)

Health Regen increased from 3.4 to 3.6 (+5.8%)

Mirror Image (Q)

Level 4 - Deflection (Trait)

Level 7 - Burning Blade (W)

Level 7 - Phantom Pain (W)

Crushing Blows (W)


Garrote (E)

Devs: We’re reducing the duration of Garrote’s Silence slightly so that all openers feel viable

Level 1

Level 4

Reducing the damage of Hemorrhage so that Valeera doesn’t have as much damage while also being able to shut down her target.


Devs: Zeratul currently has the lowest win rate out of all of our Stealth characters, so we’re tuning up some of his underperforming talents. He traditionally has been a high performer as players learn to master him, so we will be keeping an eye on him over time to see if he needs any more changes.



Devs: While the changes to Groundbreaker have helped Garrosh feel better to play against, we believe he can use some help with his ability to peel for his team and control the battlefield.


Devs: We’re also making some tuning changes to his talents to help their pick and win rates.

Mad Meta


Battlefield of Eternity


Cursed Hollow

Dragon Shire

Infernal Shrines

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Towers of Doom


Very few stats so far but looking at heroes that actually have more than 200 games played:

Fascinating Heroes Art Discussion




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Rockin’ the Early Game

Non Cute Stuff

Cheezy Stuff



Hey Guys, I love the show.  I took Kyle's advice and started showing Uther in draft and picking him if available.  I'm been playing him well... nailing the cleanse, healing like a beast, interrupting enemy ults... all out crushing it.

Doing this has earned me about a 80% win rate from my climb from Gold 4 to my promotion game into Plat 5.  Then suddenly, in the promotion game I get paired with a total goon squad... lose that game in less than 7 minutes, then start falling fast to the bottom of Gold 1 again.  

It feels like I got flagged to match with low MMR.  Do you think the match maker has a corrector algorithm to keep you from climbing fast?  It sure feels like it.


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