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Missed Connections ~~ online propositions
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~~~Missed Connections~~~

A set of propositions for being together online

How do we together create online environments that are warm, hospitable, informal, generative, and allow for chance happenings to take place?

>>>We can try out some strategies for participants >>>

We’ll try to make is so that you don’t need to register to take part in sessions, but if we do, we’ll try not to use third-party mediators, and ask for the least information possible

While we'd love to see your face, we understand that there are days when we want to have our videos off

You don’t have to mute yourself during an intimate discussion, as long as you’re in a relatively quiet room while you’re in session

You can ask questions in several ways:

Speak it out

Type it in the chat

Private message the facilitator

You can also take your time to take it all in, and contact us or the facilitator for up to 48 hours after the session. Sometimes we need more time to process our thoughts and to reflect on the content we are absorbing.

During a session, drawing can be inspiring---------

doodling can help you process information and emotions.

>>>Some strategies for facilitators >>>

  1. Try out prompts to engage people.

  1. Intersperse the session with ice breakers, movement stretches and/or eye exercises.

  1. When we take a break, you could play music in the background.

>>>For us all >>>

Come as you are and give what you can

Creating a fun space is a group effort

This is a working document, and we’ll keep modifying it as we experiment and figure out how our learning together works in the digital sphere.

Missed Connections is a learning and research platform where, under the guise of projects by artists Hiba Ali, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Aman Sandhu, Annie Wong and Serena Lee, we will gather together in different ways throughout this year, mostly online. From these sessions, we aim to produce a co-created syllabus of learning materials from each project. If you have any questions, ideas, comments, or would like to take part in this co-creation process, please get in touch!