Camp LEAD 2017-18

2017-18 Camp Dates

October 19-21, December 7-9, February 1-2, March 22-24

What is Camp LEAD? Camp LEAD is a 2 night, 3 day experiential leadership camp hosted out in beautiful Pine Valley. The program is designed to train educators, students and administrator to develop the necessary skills to create inclusive and collaborative campus communities. In light of recent events, it is more important than ever that we proactively work to connect our students to the larger campus community. This intervention has a been utilized in our district for many years, and data collected shows a relationship between Camp attendance to increased school attendance, decreased behavior referrals and academic improvement. Anecdotally, student report they feel more connected to their campus community when they attend Camp LEAD. We NEED our students participating in this program this year!

Who can attend? Traditional and non-traditional leaders, who will return to campus with what they have learned and potentially make positive change. We also need 2-3 staff to attend per Camp in order to be permitted to send students.

How can students get signed up?  Teachers can nominate students by 1) Filling out the nomination form ( and emailing Bridgett DeSoniaStudents can self nominate by asking Bridgett DeSonia (Room 1702) for a packet. Ten students will be selected from these nominations to represent our school per Camp. Students selected will be notified directly. Teachers can sign up by emailing Bridgett DeSonia directly (

2017-18 LEAD Crew training Dates

Who can attend? Any student who has already attended Camp LEAD and would like to return as LEAD Crew. 

Please note that the only way to return to Camp LEAD  is as LEAD Crew.

How can students get signed up?  Apply by 1) Filling out the application (, 2) Registering for a training (  and 3) emailing Bridgett DeSonia (