Five Invaluable Lessons We Learn from Pets.

As parents, we’re always looking for an opportunity for our kids to learn something new. Thankfully, we get to learn something in the process of trying to impart. At Deceased Pet Care, we think pets are an integral and invaluable part of life. Whether you’re grandparents, new parents, or just a young adult starting out on your own, here are five invaluable lessons we can learn from a pet.

1. Responsibility

This could be an post in itself, and perhaps all the invaluable lesson a pets teaches us can fall under this umbrella but it’s an important one. Pets teach our children what it’s like to care for someone or something other than ourselves. It’s difficult at a young age to look beyond the self, but the deep bonds that can form with a pet provide a Master’s in Responsibility and why it’s such a crucial character trait. Feeding, walking, grooming, healthcare, and training are just the beginning of lessons thrust upon a pet owner.

People with pets are also shown to show more responsibility in all areas of life, and that’s probably because pets give us a why to go along with real-world tasks.

2. Planning

Time management is one of the most sought after skills in today’s workplace, and a child with good time management and planning skills has a guaranteed leg up on their classmates. We’re always looking for a way to squeeze and extra 15 minutes of productivity in our day, and what we wouldn’t do for an extra hour to pursue our passions.

Pets teach us just that. We have to manage our time every day to make sure our pets have food, water, exercise, and are clean, safe and happy. There’s no quicker lesson than not being able enjoy down time because we shirked our pet responsibilities. Kids are quick learners, and the next day, they’re sure to fit both into their schedule.

3. Commitment

Long after the excitement of a new pet wears away, the responsibility of having a pet remains. Pets teach us and our kids that decisions have real consequences, and we can just ignore difficult or inconvenient tasks.

Luckily, pets are permanent positive feedback loops for our kids. The dedication, time, and action required often pays huge dividends in affection and feeling of accomplishment.

4. Companionship

There isn’t a day that isn’t improved with the company of a good friend. Pets can be a level of stable and positive companionship that many relationships can’t. Pet’s lead to feelings of belonging and acceptance at a young age. They show our kids, no matter how difficult a day becomes, you can always come home to a wagging tail and a smile.

5. Emotional Awareness

People with pets are statistically proven to be happier, physically healthier, and suffer from less depression. Having a pet teaches us to acknowledge feelings that are sometimes hard to share with people like sadness, fear, anxiety, or hurt. Pets provide an always open ear, and they love us no matter what dark secrets we share.

We know this is a more heady post that usual, but at Deceased Pet Care, we really care about pets. They’re our teachers, our companions, and our family. We know that anyone who makes a pet part of their life will learn these five lessons and more, and we think, they’re lessons everyone could benefit from using just a bit more.